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Ok, if Hanson came to your hometown, what secret little gems would you show them.

For example, I'm from Tauranga, New Zealand.  I would suggest they climbed Mount Maunganui, because when you get to the top it is a panoramic view of Sea and land and it's beautiful.  When you come down they can sunbath, and relax on the beach :)

Also, I take them to the Welcome Bay water hole, with the mini waterfall (which crazy people jump off!!) because it's cosy and quiet (as long as it's not school holidays)

There is also the Otainewainuku Forest walk; you can trek up to the top which is hard going but once you get to the top again beautiful views of the forest and you can see all the way to the Papamoa Hills, other wise they could go the waterfall trek, beautiful native trees, birds and at the end there is a waterfall which is gorgeous.

I know a place they could go tubing as long as it's been raining.

Mt Ruapehu, to ski not strictly Tauranga......from the photos they took of the tour over here they already went to Hobbiton, and Rotorua...although their is loads to do in Rotorua that they haven't even touched on.  Rotorua is only 40mins away from Tauranga.

Ok I could go on, but I'd better just cover some places in Tauranga, there are still loads of places in South Island, and the rest of the North Island.....and who knows it might even help other fans visiting the country too :)

So tell me what would you suggest and why?



Oh, gladly!

Presuming they do get to Cape Town in 2016... I know they've been here before, but that was with a totally different focus...

I am aware that most people are only lead to sightsee the big tourist attractions, which is in my opinion, almost fake. If I wanted to find out about a place, it would include life there -- which is what Hanson did in 2006. I mean, doing that interview on the ferris wheel in Australia was an awesome idea...

I'd probably take them to Rhodes Memorial on the mountain. From there one has a panoramic view of the whole city, and then maybe into a suburb... actually, I want so badly to bag a radio interview with Hanson when they come here. UCT Radio is a few hundred meters away from Rhodes Memorial.

What do you say, guys? I promise you the most comprehensive radio interview EVER!!


Abby Young
Charleston, South Carolina, US

Awww...I've never lived anywhere to really boast about.  The closest "big thing" to me is Greenville, SC and compared to other places they've been, there's really nothing special to see.

SO I would take them an hour and a half down the road to Asheville, NC and show them MY happiest place on earth, which is Biltmore Estate.  I've been there a bajillion times, never gets old.



Marilyn Terry
Mount Sterling, KY, US

There a few places in this region that are near and dear to my heart. I would definitely take them to Natural Bridge in Slade, KY. It has a fantastic view of the mountains. There are neat trail walks up the mountain. It is a must see for anyone exploring Eastern Kentucky. Also there is another nature area nearby called Red River Gorge. You go through a tunnel and there are a lot of beautiful scenic outlooks. In my hometown, Salyersville, KY, there is a nature trail called Dawkins Trail that goes across another county. You can walk or take a bicycle on the trail. There is an eerie train tunnel which is amazing to walk through. As you may tell I am a sucker for anything nature! I love it! :)



I would take them to a view classics which are populair with tourists: windmills and tullips. I would show them prisoners gate and Scheveningen. I would love to show them some amazing museums. There is so much to see! :)



Lauren Sass
Reisterstown, Maryland, US

i'm in baltimore, maryland and we do have a lot of historical places here, like fort mchenry and edgar allen poe's house or if they were big fans of the wire i could take them down to see where that all was filmed.. during daylight hours, of course... there's also the visionary arts museum which is spectacular and has exhibits made by people in jail, in mental institutions and such things. really great stuff and not a "stuffy" museum. i'd also have to take them to the inner harbor so they could see the beautiful views of the city. there's also a huge awesome laser tag place right across the street from my house, and i'd clearly want to play laser tag with them! 

but i more so would want to take them on a food tour!! i think about it often, actually. we have an amazing pie place (dangerously delicious pies) which even has a place for bands to play/open mic night area, there's this place called "the haute dog carte" which has the most amazing hot dogs/veggie dogs and crazy toppings, a friend of mine just opened a bbq/whiskey joint that i'm sure the guys would love, and then my fave place is a vegan soul food spot that i'd be interested to see if they liked (stevie wonder was in town recently and hit that place up twice, so it's obviously good!).  

great question, though!!


I'm in Italy. The country says it all. Everyone loves Italy and what it offers. Landscapes, art, music, food, fashion, cinema, mild climate, sea, hot sun and lots of beautiful people....what could be better? the guys know it! they love Italy.



Nikki Mann
anderson, SC, US

I live in the dinky little town of Anderson, SC. We don't have anything that exciting here i dont think but there is lots just a little drives away. There is the Stomp house tunnel which is interesting. Hiking at Big Bend Falls and Table Rock with beautiful waterfalls, Clemson Botanical Garden's, OH! We do have the Palmetto Moonshine Distillery where they give out free samples of legal moonshine. LOL Come to Anderson guys and get wasted. Bahahahahaha But there's lots of historical things to do around here like John C Calhoun's house and the Old Stone Church, Farmer's Hall, Hunter's (haunted) Store... Yeah that's about all I got. haha



Shannon Groves
Ames, Iowa, US

I'm not sure there's much here they haven't seen or seen something like it but better haha! I guess if nothing else, I'd take them to some restaurants we only have around here and maybe to Villisca. And maybe, they'd like the ISU campus, it's ranked one of the best campuses in the US. There's quite a bit of history and some pretty sights to be seen.



Shannon Groves
Ames, Iowa, US
Ohh and reading Nikki's post reminded me that I could take them to Ledges state park. Such a pretty place!


Abby Young
Charleston, South Carolina, US

Nikki.  WHY did I not know this moonshine distillery existed???  *insert angry cat face*  We must have an #islandersassemble there...



Danielle Fredette
Liverpool, NY, US

I'm in central N.Y. and they pretty much did all there is to do around here -.- went to a Syracuse basketball game and went to onondaga lake parkway-Next time i would suggest doing it in summer,not new years eve. But i do think they should come in summer- all the lakes and such for swimming and festivals like balloon fest,our state fair is the end of August,and obviously New york foliage in fall is spectacular-drive an hour in any direction out of the city and its amazing. 



Sarah Todd
Brooklyn Park, MInnesota, US

I used to go to Red Wing, MN when I was a kid. I don't really remember absolutely everything my parents took me and my brother to see, but I remember how beautiful it was. I would suggest they go there.

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