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Early starts, long waits, new friends, every possible temperature, random band sightings, chance encounters of the third kind, memories to treasure and the knowledge that you'll do it all again another time in the not too distant future.

The magic and the Mayhem of the tour. Hanson Style.

"It Is About What Is Most Beautiful In life" TH


Abby Young
Charleston, South Carolina, US

Yanno what I think is like magic?  When you've been on your feet for hours and you finally get in the venue and you wait for what feels like 5 MORE hours for the opening act, then you're entertained for a little bit, wait 5 MORE hours after the opener and just when you think your feet and your legs and your back are in excruciating pain and you can't take it anymore, our guys take the stage all goes away...

 I know it's biology.  But it's still a kind of magic.  <---Queen reference intended




I agree with you Abby.

Hanson take to the stage and legs and feet and back al come back to life for sure. 




So true. No other experience like this. 



Natalie Martin
Manchester , & London , GB

Agreed. Tour life is rough, but worth it. As soon as I get home & rest up I check out the photographs I've taken/remember all the little things which happened & start mentally prepping for the next round. A summer tour here would be nice



so agree its worth every early start , cold and wet to the bone just for the thrill of the concert that is always a awesome one , and the treasured moments that mean so much , the photos you take the smile you might get all the friends to meet ,

and yes i agree with natalie a summer tour would be very nice :)

but i will also take any other time as well :)



I wish I could learn the art of show photography - although I know id miss so much faffing around with my camera.



tayzbeth im only just getting some of it right its so hard - the lighting is a real pain and you do miss alot of the show i am going to pick shows next time to just have fun at which means less photos that if i can you no me and my camara lol :)



Natalie Martin
Manchester , & London , GB

That's a good idea, Shazie. I take pictures all the time of everything (you've seen my facebook, you know!) but it's all too easy to run the risk of watching a concert behind a lense



Paola Rizzato
Heysham, Lancashire, GB

I was thinking along the same lines. As concert photography is really hit and miss unless you're in the photographer's pit with a professional camera...I end up stressing over it instead of enjoying the show. I think next time I'll allow myself a few photos but that's it, it really takes you out of the moment and also, if you get front row, I'm acutely aware that the bands see you snapping away rather than sing along, enjoy the music and see them play. 


Cecilia Carvalho
Fortaleza, Ceara, BR

At Epcot I asked my husband to take the pictures for me, so I could enjoy the shows. He did an amazing job! ❤️❤️ Poor man, waiting in line with me in the pouring rain... He is the best, definitely!


Anna Vlachaki
Colchester, Essex, GB

I don't think I can agree more. I LOVE every single second of it! I wish it was tour life all the time :)



Waiting in lines, dealing with rudeness, all the madness, wouldn't deal with it for anything else but HANSON!!!  My bf wants to go to Tulsa with me in 2015, but I had to explain to him, it just wouldn't mean the same to him as it does to me.  All the waiting is worth it once the guys come out on stage and you feel that rush as the opening song comes on.  It's like all the pain in your back and feet from waiting and walking goes away and it's like a high that you just can't get from anything else.  I LOVE IT!



I find it totally exhausting and it takes about two months to recover from the mental and physical excitement and stress.

Yet as Annie said - I love ALMOST every second of it :)



It is a Hanson adventure thats for sure i love talking to fans i just dont do the standing in line very good with my heart and back pains but i do enjoy the fans and the waiting is worth it Hanson puts on Amazing shows for us


i cant go to hanson shows for personal reasons. the last one i went to was in 2007 it was really crazy. after 2007 i couldnt go to concerts and theres tons of bands and singers i wanted to see.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Agree tayzbeth 

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