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I had this exact reaction with Radio Head's "Creep" in 1993. I had lost all hope. I was depressed. I was bullied. It was my senior year at High School. I was on medication just to keep me going and I was seeing a psychiatrist weekly if I remember. The song kept me alive. To anyone involved in arts, whether it's song writing, performijng, acting or whatever, don't doubt the reach of what you do. Somebody somewhere is benefiting. I once (1991/2) had someone tell me my song lyrics (I used to sing acapella) had a major effect on people once.

The new Demi Lovato song (I don't listen to music radio but it helps having a millennial as a favourite actress because certain things are shared on social media), "I Love Me" is going to keep someone somewhere alive, like Creep did for me. Those lyrics: "I'm a black belt when I'm beating up on myself, but I'm an expert at giving love to somebody else... I've always got my finger on the self destruct... I wonder when I love me is enough".

WOW! Saving lyrics for a new generation, 27 years later.

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