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I wish I wasn't saying this. But my brother is Missing don't know where he is. I'm so worried about him. 



I’m so sorry.  How old is he and how long has it been since you or other family members or friends have heard from him?  Have the police been notified?



If he's little, have you heard him talk about wanting to go off with his friends? Has he been watching any movies or shows that might give him the idea to go off on an "adventure" or run away? Do you know his friends and if he'd be in danger? Police can text an "amber alert" type message out to the community.

If he's older, has he talked about wanting to head out alone for a while? Take a road trip or a job in another state?

I'll pray that he feels guidance from God, wherever he is...


I want to let you know that my brother was found alive. I appreciate all of you. 

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