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Has anyone else ever seen into your own dreams and found that it is a learning experience?

I mean skills and answers and a very strange and enjoyable feeling of building upon the rock of Christ's church.

Isn't it weird./.strange.



Technically, dreams (I presume you mean the sleeping type) are an extension of one's unscious mind, trying to channel things, possibly but not always from the superconscious  into one's awareness through the subconscious. So things can become a very jumbled structure of imagery and we are left with the unenviable (although some probably enjoy it) job of sifting through the relevance to work out what might be beneficial to our physical experience. Sorry -- I was majorly into Freud, Ericson, Frankl and anything that called itself anything close to psychoanalysis, when I was at university.


Thank you so much. That helps to answer my feeling. I think if you express from your heart the joy of life in your dreams that you find it to be like the second freedom.

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