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I understand that this is a process in Iowa. I googled and tried to understand but it was unclear. Does this procedure decide who the two prefered presidential candidates are in that state?



Google it, and it has nothing to do in Iowa.  



It actually does have to do with Iowa.  I'm not exactly sure how it all works but the link above might help make it more clear. All the democratic candidates have been pushing for upcoming votes in Iowa for several months being the first state to have a caucus on Feb 3, 2020  for who they want to be in the presidential primaries. 



In simple terms, a caucus is held to select election candidates. So these Iowa Caucuses are being held to see who wins the Democratic Nomination in Iowa, because Trump already has the Republican nomination.

From Wikipedia: "Since 1992, the Iowa caucuses have had a 55% success rate at redicting which Democrat, and a 43% success rate at predicting which Republican will go on to win the nomination of their political party for president at that party's national convention." This is a big reason democrats focus so hard on Iowa, because if they can win their nomination, they hace a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

Iowa is also a big swing state - meaning that they don't particularly vote one way or the other. Historically for presidential elections: 2016 Trump (R), 2012 Obama (D), 2008 Obama (D), 2004 Bush (R), 2000 Bush (R), 1996 Clinton (D), 1992 Clinton (D) for more



"Google it", real constructive answer there...


A chance for people to get in the race I think. If you seek political office you can start with getting involved with it.

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