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I just love this show! And it just keeps going  :) -- actually I can't tell you how much it frustrates me that every single year someone writes an article about the show ending, and every single year two weeks later, retracts that statement -- totally unaware that the actors' contracts are with the production company and not the TV network. Producers have said many times that if the current network doesn't renew it, they'll find another platform.

But it is one of my happiest things, that I have seen half of the whole show (I say that although I do acknowledge missing a few episodes, one episode not being shown here, and not having a TV for a month and a half during the (it showed here in December 2006) serial killer story.

But really, for something to keep my attention for 26 years (I have seen 28 years of the show though) is absolutely awesome.

The show hits two milestones this year -- in July it overtakes As The World Turns as the third longest running soap (because General Hospital is still going it's got about twenty years to go to climb further), and in late December (quite possibly New Year's Eve) it hits 14000 episodes. I still remember the landmark 10000th episode -- Sami's arraignment -- Ken Corday made a cameo as the judge to comemmorate it.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

I haven't been watching too much lately, just catch bits here and there when my mom is watching but I'm a 3rd generation watcher.



Aww, Days of Our Lives always makes me think of my sisters. They got me hooked on Passions when I was about 12, and I remember hearing that a few of the actors had moved over to Days of our Lives. 

It was the best thing ever when I was at a friend's house about 11 years ago. His grandmother was watching Days, and I had napped out but I woke up in time to see Teresa from Passions basically tell Ethan from Passions to go screw himself. Totally different storyline but after almost a decade of watching her puppy after the dude, it felt really good to see. 

I can't remember if I've told that story before, but I'll tell it again I don't care lol.


I watch days of our lives. It's a great show 



I watched during the serial killer storyline, such a good show. We also tune in occasionally around Christmastime for the Horton Family Christmas special.



You know -- presuming you mean the Salem Stalker as opposed to the serial killer story later... here those episodes were showing at the end of 2006. My ex decided that TV was made of material and was therefore something that had to be destroyed, so for a month and a half I was without TV - I missed from Jack to Tony I think... but with my current state of satellite signal not working and not having had TV for a year, I am glad I caught up the American storyline by March 2015 and have been watching the US show ever since. 28 years of the show. It's like the cast are family.

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