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I am so worried right now. My mind is preoccupied with a bill. Basically, I haven't been receiving a written electricity bill for months and my electricity was cut off twice in the last six months for nonpayment. I spoke with someone yesterday about getting my postal address changed and that went reasonably, although I can't go to the middle of hell and gone in the middle of hell and gone so if I can just get it emailed that's fine. I will try that today.

But for my electricity bill to equal what was my total income just three months ago is ridiculous. I don't use a geyser except for maybe ten hours a week. I don't watch TV (hard to do if one doesn't get satellite signal). I have lights on  a little and a fan and a computer. And I'm in a bachelor flat. 

But I have an idea what is going on. My bill comes for unit 17, which might be an electric box number. Then when someone comes here they switch off electricity to my flat instead.

I can't afford an entire month income on electricity. I would prefer to be homeless.



It's cleared up by the way -- the City of Cape Town exchange broke down the bill for me -- it's inclusive of rates and other fees. I had simply been told the electricity alone was a certain amount, which was an error



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

That's a good thing. I don't use much light to save on the light bill too.

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