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Fill in the blank. You know you're from a different celebration when... (I have a few which have all happened in the past year).

1) I always attend university plaza weeks and Rainbow Society plaza socials, and last year there was a special dance guest. Watching that, although I love choreography, was the first time I saw a generation gap.

Then there's the fact  that I walked into a store here and saw kids' slime packaged and advertised as dinosaur poop.   And the latest one occured a few days ago when I have up and googled Jessie's Girl and that telephone member title song. I actually thought they were probably released after I lrft radio in 2006 but  alás... 1971?



I was in a checkout line with a bagger and a cashier, and the bagger made a reference to "Survivor" by Destiny's Child toward the cashier. The cashier didn't get the reference, so the bagger clued her in. "Destiny's Child?" he says... and her response was "Oh, yeah. I don't remember that one. They're kind of from before my time." and I'm pretty sure I felt my soul leave my body :-p She was about 18/19 but that song came out when she was still a baby. I was already in high school!


I was lucky...I always had older people in my life. The definition though is two points. Practice with your idea or action or decision and make it right.

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