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It's ridiculous how it's just a random day. The only thing that happens is that at midnight a couple of numbers on a calendar change. And still it's one of those days that I feel, in the case of today, a little upset... a touch sad. I don't know. Sure. I could try to get to Sea Point (other side of Table Mountain, way past both town and the Waterfront) and share in time with friends from church (you may ask why I'm not in the first place; well, I made arrangements to watch a certain movie at a certain time, albeit on my own). I don't know why being on my own bothers me. It never used to in the past, and I should be used to it.

Much to look forward to in 2020 as well... I'll be lonely, alone, unemployed; I'll have hopes and dreams and never be able to implement them. I'll volunteer time and whatever, and not be appreciated (that's a touchy issue for me because scripture says not to desire being rewarded in any way). And I get to watch 30 second videos of my favourite band touring half the world... twice, while I sit in solitude watching DVDs or listening to CDs. It's probably best though. I wouldn't know how to act at a Hanson show anyway. I'd probably stand as still as possible trying not to be thrown out of the venue. I'm sorry, but at times like these.

Maybe it's not helped by the fact that I was told this morning my brother's family is moving to Switzerland in three weeks. I mean, it's not a hassle, or shouldn't be -- I've seen them about a hundred times more since my mom died than in the last ten years combined. The closest thing I have to a sister and my best friend are a continent away. I just feel so alone.

How is one meant to have a happy new year?  Sorry for the rant...



Holly Frees
Nashville, TN, US

Just for the record, I was at a show one time where Taylor said “if you’re just going to stand still, you can see yourself to the door.” They want people to have a good time and dance around. I know it’s a long shot, but I do hope you get the chance to go someday. 

That would be hard to have family move so far away.


The New Year is like a birth for life. Where both sexes see what is good for all life. 

Set easy goals. Don't feel like you have to perform. And know that the only thing between you and your heart is the spear that Jesus took for you.
I hope that helps you with how to act.

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