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it is only 29 degrees here in Michigan tonight holy crap time to dig out the heavy blankets 


I love the cold (hate summer) so no, I'm not sick of it yet. I know most people are opposite to me. :)



Sarah Todd
Brooklyn Park, MInnesota, US

It is 27 degrees in Minnesota, and I am freezing. I am under three soft fuzzy blankets.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

It hasn't gotten all that cold here yet, low 60s, high 50s... and if it could just stay like that for a while I'd be ok.  But I know the temps are just going to keep going lower :(



Melissa Martin
Belleville, Ontario, CA

It's 37 here and I am tired of it. I usually prefer summer, but lately I find I am liking end of summer/ beginning of fall the best. I prefer it to be warm enough to wear shorts and a sweater or jeans and a tshirt. I am finding this colder weather a little harder this year because I am 37 weeks pregnant, so my coat doesn't do up and shoes don't fit, so I am still in flip flops (I refuse to spend money on a new coat/shoes for a few more weeks lol). It's supposed to snow tomorrow so I am not looking forward to that.



In a word, YES!  We had snow on Halloween and we've got snow again today.  Make it stop!



I wish I was in Norway -- I thought snow there is only in Januay, but apparently it started in early October. Here the temperaures even in winter don't get below 15 (Celsius) so... apparently there's some snow up country -- maybe I must move if I stay here



I have a dislike for both, the weather needs to stay a good 55-60 degrees, not too hot not too cool lol



Brandee Ethell
Riverside, California, US

It's 91 degrees here in California! Can I please have some cold so it feels like fall? Please?? 

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