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He there are here some Country Music Fans around?
I will go to my first Country Concert on Monday in Amsterdam Europe, i am so exited for .



I like country -- not enough to go to a festival, but enough to go crazy about Lonestar's single -- OH MY GOSH! That was released 19 years ago now!!

And certainly enough to be one of two people who voted oh an HNET poll in 2015 for a Hanson country studio album. 


yes :) i don't know much country lovers :( I feel so alone to listen this great music as a european :( I would love Hanson would record a Country Album :)



Sarah Todd
Brooklyn Park, MInnesota, US

Yep! I have been listening to a lot more country music for a few years. I just recently checked out Kip Moore, and he is really good! Cute too!



I love Country music, especially Texas Red Dirt Country music! But Hanson will forever be my top favorite band no matter what.



Growing up, I didn't get into it personally but it was always peripherally there, in the community atmosphere, coming out of the radios of friends and my sister was a big fan of it, so I didn't mind it being around because it sounded like home to me. More recently, I've come to have appreciation for it because it has such identity. You can't mistaken classic country, in particular for anything but what it is and it's like you can trace certain artists back to places like their music is a family tree. 

I was surrounded by a wide range of different kind of music and family musicians growing up and it wasn't until this year that I found out one of my great-grandmothers who would sing jingles with her sisters many years ago, also did yodeling (but I swear I already knew that in my soul! ;) ) and it tickled me enough that I started listening to old, country yodeling competitions to see what it was about. 

It's such a homey and yes, charmingly corny genre (style?) but I love how there's no pretension to it, at all. If you're country yodeling, it had better be for nothing but the sheer joy of it because there's nothing else you can hide behind with it. You do it because you love doing it or you don't do it at all :). 

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