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Tomorrow I will attend my first Pride march  :)  -  for years Chantal and I wanted to go, but they were always in the center of town and we didn't have transport. So we would just do something here. While Chantal sent me pictures from her first march in Norway earlier this year, I will, tomorrow, get to participate in my first march. It's not on a huge scale. It's only the university, but that doesn't matter. It's the university's annual Rainbow week, which I just thought now also plays on South Africa's nickname as the rainbow nation (many cultures, but also the variety of colours on the flag), and I have been attending as much as I can. Two of the events I wasn't able to find the venue for, but there are two secifics starting points for tomorrow's march so I should find one of them. At least I know exactly where it ends. But... yay!



Sounds great how was it?

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