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Sarah Todd
Brooklyn Park, MInnesota, US

Well, my aunt and uncle are in the process of a divorce. A few months ago, me and my aunt left him, and it has been a big change. We moved further away from the Twin Cities, and I have no friends here. To top it off, we might be leaving the house we are staying in now with a friend of hers. Something happened, and it just is not working out. But we have nowhere else to go

 She had just paid this months rent, go figure. We have two small dogs, but not everywhere takes dogs. And we have little to no money. 



I'll PM you



That sounds horrible.  There are a lot of resources out there to help people in your dire situation.  Look on Google.  Take care!


well I have found that in one situation that struggling will sometimes not help..ur problem could be bigger than u urself could overpower u and u could do nothing about it. sharjah waterfront city villas have found that when struggling friends are a big friend helped me thought the biggest struggle of my life just b/c she was wondering where I was.... it is weird the way things work but hopefully u can at least find urself within a struggle.



If you're just two women, there might be an elderly woman in the area looking for people she can trust to move in with her and help her with daily care in exchange for room and board. 

If you're trustworthy, compassionate and patient, check with friends, elderly center boards or at a companion company to see if you two are a good fit for that kind of scenario. 

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