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My one time cleaner (calling her that almost seems disrespectful, but since it is a job description I might get away with it - maid is probably unreasonable), Caroline, started working for my family 40 years ago. While she is now retired (in two months she will be older than my mom was when she died), yesterday she came round and offered to clean my kitchen and bathroom for free (the bathroom has never been so shiny), having moved a bunch of furniture into my home, I had lots of things to get rid of. Her son in law was all smiles when a microwave, table, shelving and more got loaded in their car. They will pick up a fridge and thatch washing basket today. 

I have known Caroline now a little more than half of her life, and it almost feels strange that people celebrate over receiving a table like they just won the lottery, although I suppose I know how it feels since I have at times had comparatively nothing too.



I'll tell you. You really start to realise how much you didn't need something when you get rid of it, and your place still looks the same.



Penny Sharp
Sydney, NSW, AU

I just moved into housing in Sydney (really the only option when median house pricing is the millions) and the charitable nature of ALL neighbors is heartwarming. I haven’t paid for one bit of furniture (granted I DO live in a high socio-economic suburb) and help another neighbor spread the love of almost perished food after he has distributed to various shelters in the area. One mans trash is another’s treasure. You’re give and take generosity is more important than you realise.


This time around give your best and ask for that for others.

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