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Last August my mom died, and only today were my brother and I able to go to the house and work out what we wanted to take. I didn't have much in my flat as it is, for example, I haven't had a mattress on my bed since January. I've now got a single mattress on that bed, plus a double bed. But it's amazing what a difference to a homey feel a bed, a chest of drawers, and a replacement TV table can make. Replacement fridge and microwave. Of course, I still forgot to get the TV remote control, but... this actually feels strangely like a home now. Well, I've been using a blowup mattress for a month or so, but I literally was sleeping on the floor at one stage, when I didn't have electricity for three weeks.. It's weird feeling homeless but having a home. But now I need to find money to splash this place Barbie pink... to make it feel really... me.



Ivory Walker
Toledo, OH, US

I am happy your house is be coming a home. I was in a situation much the same ten years ago, what a difference little things can make. Hope you get your pink paint soon.

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