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I  ean... they're 22 years older as well...

I was replying in a Ravenclaw group about music suggestions, and I shared the newest official Hanson video. He won't listen to it because of MMMBop... I mean... for a Ravenclaw... not really the brightest light bulb in the box is it? Maybe it needs to be plugged in...



Ivory Walker
Toledo, OH, US

He is no true Ravenclaw



Christina Griffin
London, London, GB

he's 22 years older than you and in a fan group from a set of books that the world typically classes as 'children's or 'teen' books... and he's adverse to listening to music based on a song for 'children' or 'teens' from two decades ago produced by the same group?

you would think that for someone that is a fan of something the world tends to raise an eyebrow to.... he would be a bit more open minded?

i'm saying this as an extremely proud hp fan (and proud slytherin) :)


so sad to read this :(

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