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Yes, sure. I can easily recall a few good occasions... like my 30th birthday.

But I don't know whether I'll ever have a less memorable birthday than this year. My worst Christmas was 2015. Christmas lunch was a piece of dry toast. The next year I had syrup to put on it.

I haven't had a mattress for my bed since the end of January, and the only thing stopping me from having to sleep on the floor is a blow-up mattress. For three weeks earlier this year I didn't have electricity either, so in having to sleep on the floor, it was like being homeless but having a home... really weird feeling. Anyhoo... I was contacted this morning though and asked for my nearest courier delivery point, with the intention to send a care package. So maybe it won't be too bad. However, it feels weird on birthdays without Chantal here. BUT... bonus... I see Chantal and Diana in three weeks  :)

Sadly rhere are limitations in getting to my mom's old house because my brother has to travel the same distance from the opposite direction.

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