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While I think the weather is the CHEESIEST of conversation starters... it's all I can think of right now... 

What kind of a stupid joke is this? Two nights ago the temperature was 34 celsius (93 Fahrenheit) at 11 o'clock at night!!

And I hate heat -- when it gets to about 23 celsius I pack up and just pretty much go with it, but this weather does not suit my blood. And we never get snow. I think I'll go on holiday in Paarl or Colesberg in July just to get snow... probably not - but that's just how I feel right now



It's scary the weather extremes the world has been having.

Though as much as I hate heat, I think right now I'd take your heat.  We're at the start of 36 hours of deadly cold, it's getting down to -25 to -27 below and with wind chills -50 to -60 below.  Frostbite will occur within 5 minutes of exposure. ...literally we're in the middle of the movie The Day After Tomorrow! =/ 



michelle tribble
Excelsior Springs, MO, US

I would so take the heat over this freezing weather we have been having(Missouri)  for weeks with no end in sight. I always forget how much I hate winter until it's full blown on us. I don't know how much I can take. It gets me so depressed being stuck inside.  (spring we are ready for you) 



A friend of mine in Australia was telling me recently that their overnight temperatures have been above 30C as well. As much as I'm longing for summer at the moment, that would be too much heat for me too. Low 30s at noon? Okay. Low 30s in the middle of the night? UGH, and I can only imagine what the daytime temperatures are like then.

It's winter here. Last week, we got over 30 cm of snow in about 24 hours, which is not a totally crazy amount but is more than we usually get in one shot. It also came with insanely high winds, so you couldn't see anything at all for a while, just pure white whipping directly into your eyes, and then when it finally stopped snowing, the snow drifts from the blowing snow were massive. Then it was -30 to -40 with the wind chill for a few days. Then, right after the cold snap, it got up above freezing for a couple of days, felt like spring, and a lot of the snow melted. Then we got a day of freezing rain and ice pellets, then a day of regular rain. Now we're getting winds up to 80 km/h and then it's supposed to snow another 20 cm next week. Uh... what?

Kim's right - the extreme weather and drastic, sudden shifts are scary. :/

Where's 20C and sunny with a light breeze? That's my favourite. I'm ready for that. (No, I guess not in Canada in February - that would mean bad things for the earth - but can we hit fast forward or something? Where's May?)



Sure lets talk about the weather. 

I live in Townsville, Queensland,m Australia, and we have just received a RECORD amount of rainfall and about 1/4 of the city was inundated with floodwaters. People have lost EVERYTHING and those that haven't lost anything are now combating mould. 

In 1998 we had a weather event that we called 'The Night Of Noah" where we received a months worth of rain over one night, now we've received a years worth in two weeks. Our dam was sitting at 240% and the flood gates opened - causing more flooding downstream. Its now sitting at 160%. A year ago it was at 18% and we were in drought and on water restrictions.

And now we are in flood. Our farmers out west were in drought a week ago and are now in flood and are loosing cattle to the flood waters (literally the water is lifting the cattle feet in the air and hanging from trees to perish).

And yet - down in Tasmania, Australia they've been having bush fires. There has been heatwaves in the southern cities (Sydney and Melbourne).  And of course the polar blasts in the US. 

Seriously Mother nature? Seriously?



Wow that's crazy -- but one would prefer to have some rain rather than drought. A couple of years ago here in Cape Town we had such a drought that dam levels for our city were at 22%. That picked up to over 70% after a year of good rain, but we were almost going through a period of dry like that again. Today is the third day of substantial rain this year. It is storming at the moment, which means my TV signal is down and at least I have an excuse to go on the computer.

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