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All others keep out! Our secret password is "Marmalade" because I said it is and I'm the captain of this thread club because I made it. 

Here, you must disclose three things in total and complete confidence. First, your personal embarrassment moment on a Hanson forum thread. 

Second, a trollish Hanson merchandise suggestion that you would actually like to see made (and would buy). 

Third, a G-rated Hanson fantasy (because we have to live up to the high standards of the patches on our sashes). 

I'll start: Marmalade!

1. My personal embarrassment moment on a Hanson thread: A couple of years ago I typed out a long rant about some Ghanaian music records my Dad had and went on about my take on styles, trends and scenes that I was convinced I was an authority of. 

A very sweet fan piped up and wrote something, like: "Oh, yeah, I'm actually from Ghana and I've never heard of any of those things...but it all sounds very interesting!" and a couple other fans wrote that they were from Africa and had no idea such a music scene was going on in certain areas, thanks for the info! LOL. 

2. Trollish Hanson merchandise: I feel like gimme, gimme, gimme, I need, I need, I want, I want a "Don't hassle me; I'm local!" shirt a 'la the one Bill Murray wears in "What About Bob", except with "Hanson Day 2019" on it. LOL.

3. G-Rated Hanson fantasy is very of the moment: I'd like Zac to get a wearable fan that he can turn on whenever he wants to make his new haircut blow in the wind. Top troll points awarded if he keeps it on while giving interviews. 



1. Embarrassment (although strangely I was forgiven for it) -- I posted a personal message in a thread thinking it was a PM. I then posted straight away again asking in another thread for that to be deleted since it was a mistake.

2. MMMPlop toilet paper -- just for kicks

3. Fantasy -- umm... don't know how to answer that actually --- more camera time on DVDs for Zac's eyes I guess



(Well Robin, you didn't type the password but regardless, it looks like it's just the two of us but that's okay, it can be an exclusive club.)

You must be a very honest man if there was no noticeable difference between your PM and regular forum postings, lol. 

"MMMPlop" t-paper completely pushes all boundaries of good taste. Which means  it's a perfect trolling product!

You were backed into a corner, clearly, on the g-rated fantasy option. You could've picked Hanson beer pong night! Just so you know, lol ;)! 

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