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Do you have any that you routinely do... maybe not every year without fail, but if you have the chance to?

I always watched New Year's Eve with Chantal when she was here. Now that she is in Norway, nothing has changed. We watch at the same time, although the tradition of doing it to end at midnight is a bit tricky since they have other plans for midnight... plus the time difference this time if the year is an hour between South Africa and Norway, so...

Actually, thinking about the movie, it concludes with the ball drop in New York. How big of a thing is that in America? The movie makes it look like a massive tradition.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

The ball drop is a pretty big deal, I think. We have always watched it on TV from New York City.  When I was a kid, family friends would come over and the kids would have McDonalds and the parents would have lobster. They would sleep over and we'd have fun making a ton of noise at midnight.  Now some of the kids have kids and we stopped doing that quite some time ago.  This year I am heading out for a party for the first time in years.  It is very rainy here though so anyone in NYC waiting for that ball to drop is probably not very comfortable! 

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