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Sorry if this has already been brought up but I couldn't find anything about it (I'm not an member anymore so I don't see all the forums). I was listening to Pentatonix's new Christmas album today and parts of their cover of 'What Christmas Means To Me' sounded super familiar to me:


Oops, clickable link here (I hope lol):



Hanson didn't write that song. It's been done by 1000 other artistsĀ 


I'm well aware of that, and I've heard many of them. I'm saying parts of their arrangement (particularly part of the chorus) I've heard only in the Hanson version.



It sounds like they may have taken inspiration from Hanson's version, it's structured the same way musically and especially with some of the harmonies.


It sounds very close to the way Hanson sings. Especially the beginning of the song reminds me of when zac sung it last year during the Christmas tour they did

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