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Sarah Todd
Brooklyn Park, MInnesota, US

It has been a long stressful day, and I can't vent on any other social media. So here it goes: My uncle has been extra crabby lately, and today it became even worse. My aunt had to take her car into the ship, and he is mad at how much it costs. They have fought so much today. It hit an all time low when she called to talk to him. When I told him to call her, he said he wasn't going to talk to her because all she wanted to do was complain. And as it turned out, she was just out of gas. I just know when she comes back home though, that there will be an even bigger fight. I have no escape, because I can't drive. What do I do?



Caitlin Notheisz
Drayton Valley, Alberta, CA

Sorry to hear you’ve had a crappy day. 

Take a walk, or  throw some headphones in and relax. Unfortunately we can’t solve everyone’s problems. 


Sometimes you just need to listen to a Hanson song on repeat, loudly. Mine is This Time Around. and lately Siren Call. Take a walk, scream it out. I recently had a hell of a week and I finally took some time for myself, which is saying a lot since I am a mother of two and work with kids on the daily. Remember, tomorrow starts fresh.

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