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While I realise that the title of this thread could be asking for advice on phones, glasses and fashion shows... no such luck...

I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It served me perfectly, until it died. Now I am looking at getting a new phone, because the one I am currently using does not have enough space for Twitter or Regram. That's literally all I need in addition to the common social media. I am currently paying off a phone on lay-bye, and the contract does allow me to terminate it at any time for a refund... so that is not an issue.

The issue is the phone I am paying off is a later model of the Galaxy phone... but I found out now that it won't have the amount of storage space necessary to fit the two apps I need on it. 

Since a lot of people here use those phone apps, please advise, either here or by PM, what phone would be good to investigate. I need 8GB of storage space. Sadly when one goes to the shop one stares at a black screen and a price and doesn't know if one can even talk on the thing.



Emma Willis
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Why not buy a micro SD card and add more storage to the one you have on lay-by? Possibly a cheaper (and easier) option than purchasing another model with more internal storage. Here you can pick up a 16gb card for around $25NZD. Any appliance or department store should sell them. The place you're purchasing the phone from should also. 



Yes thanks. I'll look into that. I went into the store today and looked at all the other models of phone they have that would have enough space. Some are even cheaper than the one I'm paying off, and I found out the correct procedure for changing a lay bye phone. Either way, I hope to sort it out by my birthday. Thanks. I'll look into that SD card as well, but I don't generally put music etc on my phone.



If you're buying a new phone I would recommend you to buy an iPhone, doesn't matter which model. I got tired of all Android glitches and I don't regret at all having changed!



Thanks -- because I am swapping for a phone that is in the store at the moment, my options are limited to about ten different phones, a couple of which I've never heard of before, but between Chantal, Diana and I we'll find the phone that serves my needs the best. I'll let you know what I end up going for.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

I would think that most current phones would have enough space for twitter, facebook, instagram, regram, etc... and then some.  Most seem to be 16G or 32G and like previously mentioned, many allow the addition of a microsD card - some you can even store apps on the sD card and not the phone storage.



Yes, that's true. One of them is 16GB (the make I never heard of before) but most of the others are 8GB. But yes. Some of them come with Facebook and Twitter preinstalled. So that might be an extra bonus consideration    :)  -  but the phone that I have on standby at the moment is the only 4GB one, which is what I have right now so it wouldn't be an upgrade at all.

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