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Do any Fansons have their own businesses? 

I've had an idea for about a year and a half. It's just so difficult to actually take it to the next stage, especially if it requires training in something.

Anyway, my business idea centers around interior design (I actually had someone call that out in me a few weeks ago - it was almost a confirmation that it's something worth pursuing). And two days ago I told a friend that the fact that it took him ten years to start his coffee shop, is actually encouraging, because at first when one has ideas and doesn't see things happening, it can be discouraging. 



Emma Willis
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

@bcat and I have an idea in the works. Realistically it would take around 3-5 years to get it up and running though. There's a lot of research that needs to go into it first and since we both work full time and often do long hours/overtime plus have other commitments the time we have to focus on it is limited! What bcat and I do have though is a ton of good ideas and determination plus a pretty solid work ethic (thats the Blue in us, right, Lisa?! *CLE*) so hopefully things will all fall into place in time!



Lisa Lloyd
CBD, Auckland, NZ

It’s crazy how much research we’ll realistically need to get done first. I did a business plan as part of my degree (this in itself is actually still a viable business plan it’s just that I don’t have the money to pull it off... maybe one day...) and that was a lot of work even though a lot of it wasn’t as researched as it would need to be when used properly. You just need to look at what needs doing to get there and start doing any small steps you can in the meantime. 



I have recently opened a children’s clothing boutique with my sister! This wasn’t suppose to happen this year



I started my own little baking business once I went on maternity leave with my daughter. It started as a fun hobby but quickly turned into a business. Be persistent and keep your mind focused on the outcome and you’ll reach your goal in no time. Good luck!



For some reason all of my rely didn’t post, my sister and I planned to start a children’s clothing boutiques in a year or 2, we got a little carried away in March this year and ended up opening straight away! We weren’t really prepared, had no savings but so far our little shop is going great! I’m building and managing our website myself to cut down costs. If we had over thought it we would have talked ourselves out of it x 



I own a webshop selling durable children's toys. I started the business almost 4 years ago. The first three years I combined it with a fulltime job, but I quit my job last February and I am now 'just' working my own business which is busy enough in combination with my kids and helping out at school etc.


I own an indoor playground facility that I started up 3 years ago. Being an entrepreneur is the best life to have! Wouldn’t change a thing. ; )


My husband and his brother have recently started an audio, media, and camera wiring business. Things are going great for them. It's a lot of work getting a small business off the ground, but i would agree with the above comment that persistence is key. Don't be discouraged if things dont take off right away, it can take time. Make sure to get your name out there as much as you can. You never know, starting your own business may be the best choice you make in your life.



My husband and I run our own Trucking business it's a lot of work and took some time to get going and making money. It really works for us being our own boss and doing what we want.



Lindsay Augustine
Washington, DC, US

@Vickykin23 I would love to see your shop if you have a link - I am always looking for cute clothes for my niece :)



Edith Liera
Nampa, ID, US

I'm a full time photographer. It took me about 6 years to become a fully functioning business and make a steady income (enough to support myself and save). It's definitely a lot of hard work. I have no set schedule and give up tons of personal time for the better of my business but it's been so worth it. I'm exactly where I once hoped I'd be and have the flexibility to do all the things I want to do. I definitely recommend entrepreneurship to all who can. 


I just recently started a pet sitting business about a month and a half ago. I had been doing it for a while before this; a friend's cat here, a family's dog there, but I created an actual business, and within a month's time, I am doing a lot better than at my current retail job. It's crazy. I hardly work my retail job, honestly. 



Hi DChansonfan my website is we don’t have everything on our website ye, we are building it ourselves to save some money! X 



it would be great to start sharing links of our little businesses!

I am full-time employed in a big International company, but I am starting my own little business on airbnb as a host and organizing cooking classes for my guests (I live in Italy). I cannot do it fulltime yet, but it's being very rewarding and interesting, especially since it gives me the change to meet people coming from very different places and cultures.



Kelly Davis
Astoria, New York, US

I’m a freelance writer :)


Hey, It is a good idea to start own business. As, in starting you may face some problems, but the more you get experience than definitely overcome the problem. One of friends started his own business, initially he started his online store, as on-line store has advantages like there is no rent to pay and he can reach millions of customers from the comfort of his own home. He usually buys products from website of wholesale suppliers, that sell products at affordable cost.

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