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I've put this in General because it is not specific to either Hanson or any one artist / actor / celebrity, so please understand it in terms of that. However, I will furnish my question with two experiences so as to make the point of the thread clear.

Example 1: I told someone here that Abigail Breslin is my favourite actress and that I run associated fan pages. I received the comment "But she's less than half your age." (it was maybe a year ago - she's currently probably about 51% of my age)

Example 2: I was once asked why, if I'm not gay, am I a Hanson fan.

The logic behind both of these statements evades me. Being objective about the first example and not presuming that there was any insinuation, acting is acting, and if an entertainer is good at his / her craft then it will gain respect from people who follow their careers. As for the second statement - musicians make music. One supports an artist or band because one likes the music. Or maybe that's just me...



It looks like you have answered your own question there Robin! :)



"It looks like you have answered your own question there Robin! :)"  @Crimsongale

Yes, it looks like he has. 

The thing with Hanson obviously stems from the fact that they started out at a young age and appeared as heartthrobs in all the teen magazines.  Their audience was predominantly young girls, even though they only fit the "boy band" persona because they happened to be boys in a band...  Thankfully, there were a few forward thinking guys, like you Robyn, who could look past the silly stereotyping and see that they were talented singers, songwriters and musicians.  Some people also seem unable to comprehend that they've aged, just like the rest of us.  ...To them, Hanson will forever be that long-haired teen band who sang MMMBop... 



Amber Fassett
Poinciana, Florida, US

All that should be required is a love for the music. Not your age or gender. Not when you started listening, or how many shows you've been to,  or how much trivia you know. 

If you support the artist and their craft that's all it takes to be a fan. 



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

i agree with above

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