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What is the funniest thing you found while doing a search on Google? 

I remember one day probably about three years ago now, when I was visiting Chantal's house and she couldn't find her glasses (they turned out to be in the first place I thought of). I did a google search for "where are Chantal's glasses?" A website came up saying they were behind a stained glass window in France. The answer was almost as random as the question. I had a good laugh.



I once almost searched "side effects of cocaine" on my work computer. I was in the process of typing it and then was like "ehhhh probably not the best idea".



I should also add, I was doing a search after reading something on FB and wanted to double check if the info was legit.



Emma Willis
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

"How much does cocaine cost in NZ?" - Not because I was looking to buy (absolutely not!)  but because the topic came up at in conversation at work. Lol (don't know how this came up but anyway...) We found an article about how drugs in NZ are incredibly expensive. (One of the most expensive countries in the world for dugs evidently.) Who knew?! Lol.

My Google history is full of bizarre searches and this is just one of them.

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