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So the answer to this may be right in front of my face, but alas I'm still lost lol... I watched the live stream making of Animal Instincts this past Friday, and I received my ep in the mail today. The songs they were working on this Friday are on the ep, so are they still working on another recording of the song or was the live streaming pre-recorded even though it's "live streaming"?

Also, I was only able to watch part of the live streaming so maybe I missed something to answer this question.



Hi. This is the first year that the streams are being shown after the Hanson Day premiers of the songs. The streams are from the making of the Animal Instincts EP and were probably recorded in early April. Seeing it like this is certainly different to hearing the music after seeing the making of. 

In the past, some streams have been live-streamed but quite frankly, I think the last time that Hanson actually LIVE streamed the writing of the EP might have been in 2011. Something knocks on my mind saying 2013, but somehow I don't think that's probable.

The fact that people talk about these streams as live, is misleading. They were recorded live, and that's it. A prime example of this is the way people were going on about livestreams of the writing of Finally It's Christmas, while those streams had been recorded 14 months earlier.

I think the last real live stream on HNET was the Christmas stream last year, and before that the other live Hanson stream was the Christmas show on Yahoo! Live, I think.


That makes sense. I love that they post these behind the scenes videos. Thanks for the info robinbond!



Missy Buckman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

I missed most the streams because it won't show up. My flash player and what not is all upgraded as can be so we are set and I had other computer nerds in family check it out and all I was told its on Hansons part as to why I can not see the recorded livestreaming but its ok cuz I was at hday and saw them live instead, I had it once where the video did show up for 10 minutes and that was it?????> I watched it on laptop to.



Missy, I can only watch the streams on Internet Explorer. Try that. Some browsers other than Firefox work for people, but it varies by person. 



Amber Fassett
Poinciana, Florida, US

I had trouble with Google Chrome even though my flash player was up to date, I've had to install Firefox in order to watch the streams and it's working great for me.

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