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Jackie Fickner
Levittown, Pennsylvania, US

Hi Everyone!

My fiance and I are planning a trip to Tulsa for Hanson Day next year (hes a trooper). After being a fan for 21 years, I think its finally time to go!

I was wondering if anyone could give recommendations of hotels that are in a good location for everything? Something that is in the middle of all of the action!

Thanks in advance!




Anything downtown will work.  The Fairfeild is the closest though.  



Shara Logue
Winchester, United States, US

I know it's still like 330 some odd days away but I am so excited for HDay next year. 

@lilswede18 - Is the Fairfield the hotel most fans use?  Is there like a special discount at it on anything?



Iesha Taitague
Glendale, Arizona, US

Fairfield is probably the most convenient because its right there on main near 3cg and most of the event locations. But apparently they block it off until they announce the dates for the weekend. 

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