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Anyone playing it? What do you think of it?



I've stopped playing games now, which is something I kind of thought I would never do, but I guess with certain dearly loved games not being upgraded with operating system upgrades...

But when I saw the title, I thought of the movies. I knew Jurassic Park was a franchise, but didn't know about Jurassic World. However, there is a second JW movie on TV here this weekend, and there seems to be one in the cinemas too. I'm a genre type person, so it is interesting that dinosaur stories would even interest me. They didn't when the movies started.



Emma Willis
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

My husband is playing it. He enjoys it. I was going to download it but he told me I would rage at it so told me not to. Haha. I get stupidly addicted to games like that and get really angry when they don't go my way so it's probably best that I don't play it!  My daughter has her Pokemon Go account on my phone (because she doesn't have a phone and I don't like her walking around outside with her iPad) I play it for her when I'm out walking to hatch her eggs. I'm a nightmare if I hatch something lame or a Pokemon runs away. I would be unbearable I think with dinosaurs! Lol.



Shara Logue
Winchester, United States, US

I'm enjoying it.  I like that they took all the good parts of Pokemon Go and left out the annoying parts, like the gyms and walking to watch eggs.  I've only been playing a few days and don't see myself getting super into it, but it's fun.



Patrícia Segovia Ferigatto
Maringá, Paraná, BR

I'm playing it. I prefer Pokemon Go, but Jurrasic World Alive is safier since I can battle being at home. It's a good and simple game to distract the mind. 

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