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I have always been told that writing is my strong point. I guess I was just fixated on turning song lyrics into something more. Not what I was born to do I guess...

Eleven years ago I started researching to write an encyclopedia of 830 biographies of Formula One drivers. As of 2011, that remains half finished at 430. I stopped when a) the computer broke and b) publishers didn't seem interested. But maybe... just maybe,,, my strong suit is writing biographies. My Hanson biography has at least one copy in every continent except Asia, and I just received an email from the high school I attended 25 years ago saying that my Hanson book has been added to their school library catalogue (I took a copy to the school on the occasion of my Matric (Senior year for reference) reunion this year.



That is really amazing news. I'm a writer myself. Is your book digital or in a physical form somewhere? I love holding a physical book in my hands. Feel free to PM more details about your book. I'd love to take a look.



Such great news Robyn.

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