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The true story of the murder of Linda Anderson in 2003 by (law states that because the daughters were minors at the time their identities in terms of real names can never be released) Sandra and Beth (Elizabeth) Anderson, as portrayed in the movie Perfect Sisters, has a bit of a silver lining. The court ruling determined that the sisters would never see each other again until their release from prison, so there is no news on Sandra at current.

But Beth (played by Georgie Henley in the movie) enrolled in a law school and is currently doing her articles in Criminal Law. 

To tell the truth, I don't know what articles are in a legal sense. Maybe someone could shed some light?

But that's quite a life turnaround story!!  :)



That story is super creepy! I hadn't heard of it until now or heard of of the movie. Articles are papers wrriten by lawyers to review a case or procedure. This is helpful to determine the outcome of a similar procedure. I'm sure Beth would have good insight into the justice system. I wonder if her goal is to set her own rules to see her sister again.. 



According to the section at the end of the movie, the ruling was only until they got out of prison. I probably wouldn't have even investigated the movie if it weren't for the other lead role... anyway... it's nice that these kinds of stories in films are based on actual events. I mean, it's not nice that it happened in the first place, but it provides a framework for the scriptwriter to stick to the story and not overuse imagination.

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