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Gosh - this is an awesome hobby. I did one video for a Wisdom Of The Crowd episode edit. But I am certaidits. Sometimes I feel like the biggest MacGyver nerd on the planet because I never find other MacGyver videos... well, one other - from years ago and to an Icehouse song, but...

I am also blown away by the response to the edit of season one. My first edit was of all the MacGyver episodes in the original -- that still sits at just over 550 I think. But I looked at the counter for the reboot season one video I made and it's close to 1000! A thousand! I used Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World".

And right now I'm putting together a video for season two... I just need the last six episodes of the season to come!! The wait is awful! We don't have season breaks in South Africa, so to see two month long breaks in a season is torture! This year I'm using Marilyn Manson's "Running To The Edge Of The World".  :)

Sidenote - I am really taken in by the attention to detail on character history, but also character development, knowing that the story still has to line up with specific dates in the original. I also love how they are bringing actors from the original in on certain episodes. I tweeted the producers (they must be getting sick of me) suggesting some actors from the original. I would love to see Darcy Marta or Kaj Erik Eriksen for example. 

So far it's been Elya Baskin, Bruce McGill (old Jack Dalton) and Michael Des Barres (old Murdoc). Oh, and the son of the actor who played Dr Zito in the original, played that role.

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