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Okay. I have officially reached the point where I feel that I was born to be alone. The only person I ever had a relationship with hurt me so badly in every way possible that my confidence is shaken in relationships. I am not the outgoing type which makes things harder. So now that a 'dream' (one might call it) I've been holding on to forever (which is about the amount of time it takes between me being interested in a person and actually saying anything to them) is, well... I have returned to a singles site I used a year and a half ago.

I have been advised to put myself "out there", but... really... do dating apps work? No wait... that might just make me more depressed, since 120000 people (based on the amount of people who went to shows on the world tour) here are going to tell me they met their one true love on some cellphone thing. I'm sorry - I'm trying to be realistic, but I'm so deflated right now that even sarcasm is struggling to come out -- which is actually an achievement.



Kristie Tweidt
Saskatoon, SK, CA

I'm from a smaller city (but the largest in the province I reside in), where the mentality, for the most part, is that you meet, date, marry and have kids with your high school sweetheart, or University partner (for those who came from neighboring farms).  At least that's how it seems to be.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm just saying there's not much of a dating pool for those over 30 and who have spent their 20s living lives to the fullest and building careers.  I always joke to people saying that Saskatoon's dating pool is pretty pathetic, but it wasn't until I got in to online dating that I actually realized how true this statement was.  Any time I find anyone worth while, it's because they're visiting Saskatoon, so then that becomes a 'nope'. 

I wish you luck out there!!!



Don't go on the datings apps! They will give you the illusion that there are several options and seemingly will end up overwhelming you to the point that you stop going on them with wasted time! Go out into the world and say Hi to people! Just my opnion, don't listen to me though. If you go on the dating app, always ask first, "what are your intentions"? To immediately weed out time wasters. Lol I am speaking from a female perspective as well. Haha


Deborah Padilla
New York, NY, US

^ I have to disagree. Lol. 

I met my girlfriend on a dating app/website. We've been together about 4 years. I happen to be a woman also. A lot of my straight friends have met their partners through an app or website, though! I've also met past relationships in person.

I don't' think there is a right or wrong answer. You may meet someone through an app, website or even at a bar. These environments are just acting as a catalyst. Nothing more.

I think if you're already open to the idea of possibly finding love on an app or website? You should try it! It's not about the app or website, it's about the PERSON and your MUTUAL connection with them. If you hit it off? Great! If not? Try again and see what works. Maybe you'll have a good experience with the app, but end up meeting the right person at a bar... who knows! In the end, it's about the human connection. Not the catalyst.



my (hopefully–soon–ex–)husband registered himself on several dating apps. everytime when I asked him about it and if he‘s cheating on me he denied it. so one day I registered myself on one that shows you guys closest to you. Obviously he was the first match because he was in the bathroom ans I was in the bed room.

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