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Lauren Szego
Charleston, SC, US

Where my fellow Fansons at?



If you're looking for fellow Fansons in your city... preliminary search reveals the following (I can't without diagnostics og Facebook and Google maps say how close you might be to each other)...

Abby Young (@JemGrrl) is in Charleston. I'll tap into my other sources if you need, but try that contact for the moment.



Holly Snider
Conway, South Carolina, US

I love Charleston! I went to C of C but live a few hours away now. You should consider joining the SC street team to help connect with more local fans if you want. I'd be happy to message you more info about it if you have any questions :-)

Robin I know you're trying to be helpful,  but I would let people decide if they want to disclose their location or not. I know it's listed in some of our profiles but this is a public forum and it's probably best to leave it up to each member to decide if they want to share that information and how. 



All right. I understand. I just didn't think it was such a big deal since everytime the person posts anywhere in any forums (and this was how I managed to find out the information) the name of the city and state comes up right under their username. So the Fanson involved sis disclose the information. 

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