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Back in the day 1998, when Hanson was HUGE (my mom knew i was obsessed with them) and she says to me "Tommy... come in my room right now" and i was like wtf... she seemed excited.. but not mad... i thought i was in super touble cuz i never got called into my mom's room for ANYTHING.

Lights are off.. TV is on... and Oprah says "HANSON!!!" and my jaw dropped to the floor.. my mom hugged me.. and we talked about music...

Her band back in the day was The Beegees... and every one of her friends was just "too cool" to listen to them...  All of my friends were the same..  Too cool to listen to Hanson

And you know what she said to me... (explict material up and coming for honesty on the story telling) "You listen to whatever the **** you want to, dont ever let someone judge your music taste, screw them"

And i was like.. "My mom is a badass"

And i never looked back. #fanforever #noonetellsmewhattolistento



Oh the BeeGees is my third favourite brother band, after Hanson and Victor e Leo (awesome Brazilian band)



That's a nice memory with your mom,...and she gave you some very good advice...  :)

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