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Does anyone battle with the understanding of other people when it comes to computers? I only mention this because it has come up multiple times from the same person, but I was asked how I get an email off my computer since I don't have a printer. I was asked if I can take my computer to the library and print it there. How can someone who uses email everyday ask those kinds of questions? 

Rewind about 17 years. The same person wanted to know if the computer had the Internet on it, because there's bad stuff on the Internet. It's the "click a button, open a file and viola there's every undesirable site tucked away in My Documents, mentality.     Aargh!!


Haha... reminds me of my network/computer administrator days which included teaching adult co-workers computer basics (e.g., this is a monitor, this is a keyboard...) and then how to use proprietary software for their work so I definitely get the frustration you feel.  A lot of people have a way too healthy fear of the machine and feel like it's 'magical' - especially older people - ages 40-up and the fear causes lots of hesitancy, forgetfulness and just plain inaction when it comes to technology.  Perhaps I'm tolerant of the battle because it was my job to help out the computer illiterate but maybe it would help you with these two thoughts:

1)  The only dumb questions are the ones not asked. I had to remind myself of this daily with end users who asked many and repetitive questions.

2)  K.I.S.S  Keep It Simple Stupid   I was taught this by a far superior administrator on days that I would panic over a computer glitch and such.  For example:  Me:  "The printer isn't working!!" (long string of technical diagnoses and jargon word vomit)  Superior Boss: "Is it turned on?"  Me:  "Oh.  Right."  *hits the power button.  LOLOL



Right :)

But, um... I'm 43 and I have no issues. In fact, the majority of IT specialists today would probably be in their early thirties or so because of when computer technologies became available. ...  I was talking about people over 70 here.



My mom's idea of screen shots of a Facebook post on her ipad is.... to take an actual photo with her camera.  O_o

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