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I have always had an interest in something economic. I can remember since about 1985 watching economic indicators on TV, although back then it was only the gold price.

Now, since I am over three decades older, the factors influencing economic indicators and figures has become more of an interest to me... primarily since my real currency is Hanson merchandise and that is purchased according to a rand / dollar exchange rate. So the factors (here it is ridiculous how political perception drives the rate up or down) influencing this rate have become more and more of an interest to me.

A few years ago the president fired the finance minister to further his political agenda. The currency dropped to 17.99 rand to the dollar. Now, the court findings that Parliament acted improperly in finding him not guilty (basically they conducted a court case in Parliament and then used a majority vote to acquit him of blame)  the news that the president might be recalled by his party has driven our currency to just sitting on 12 rand to the dollar. So basically, now it only costs me a third of my income to renew my HNET membership.

Sorry - that's my experience. Do others follow economic indicators in a similar way?

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