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Anyone have a miscarriage? I'm currently going through one. Hardest thing to go through! So painful , physically and emotionally... I'm almost done with it but it has been almost 1 month that it's been going on for.


I experienced an early one before my first son was born, but two of my friends were well into the second trimester when theirs happened. It's absolutely painful and I hope you know that you are not alone and that there is no right way to experience the pain. You are completely vindicated to express your pain however you need to (just...stay out of jail because I don't have bail money for you). Sending healing vibes!


OH - I forgot to mention - my mom miscarried my brother and every March 3rd she thinks of him (he would be 28 this year). So you never get over it, you kind of just make peace with it.



I went through an early miscarriage. I know how painful and heartbreaking it is. My heart goes out to you. Therapy was really helpful for me in processing my grief. 



Rebecca Nelson
Houston, Texas, US

I had an early miscarriage between my two boys. Talking helps. I'm so sorry you are going through this.



Emma Rickerby
Pegasus, Canterbury, NZ

Its hard make sure you have plenty of support, nothing you are feeling is wrong if you want to scream scream if you wan to cry cry do what ever you need to do to get through most importantly talk to someone you trust xox sorry for your loss



Thanks everyone 



I have 5 sons and 5 early miscarriages. 

It’s an extremely hard thing to go through. 

I like to think my 5 miscarriages are my 5 girls waiting for me in Heaven. 

I sorry for you lose babiegurl1885. 


Stephanie Rothe
Harpersville, AL, US

I am sorry to hear this heartbreaking loss. I may not be able to give you much of any comfort but I wanted to tell you that this isn't your fault and you don't need to blame yourself.. And know that it’s okay to grieve. Take all the time you need to grieve over your loss and don't let anyone push you to move forward quickly. I experienced a miscarriage. My husband and I tried for 5 years with and without the help of meds. In early March 2011, I conceived (didn't know it until April around Easter). We were overjoyed. But by mid-May, I miscarried. Devastated was an understatement. I greived for a solid 2 years. But one thing people kept telling me was that it was not my fault. I eventually came to terms with that and I am ok now. Even to this day, it's still a little difficult for me to be around babies or women who are pregnant. This type of grief is a very hard journey to experience, but you can get through it.



Erin Pocock
Conyers, GA, US

i'm so sorry love. yes, i too have sadly experienced it myself. it's so much more common than people think, just not enough people talk about it. i can tell you one thing, it doesn't go away, but it does get easier, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. rainbow babies do happen. i wish you the best of luck, and love, and if you ever need to talk...



I'm so very sorry for your loss, I am just recovering from my 8th loss,  all losses were all different stages of pregnancy and I experienced each one differently emotionally physically and spiritually.  My husband has dealt with each loss differently as well.  I do have 2 beautiful rainbow babies,  but sadly we have decided our journey for a bigger family has ended,  and this last loss has put a major strain on my marriage.  

Personally,  I have found a lot of friends and family have avoided me because they just aren't comfortable with the topic,  so if they avoid me all together they avoid the elephant in the room.  I have surrounded myself with a small group of friends who don't shut me out.  And I'm not afraid to share any of my stories,  and if I need to talk about it,  I have found its best just to talk about it.  

I wouldn't say it ever leaves my mind but it does get easier.  

Strong enough to Break and These Walls blaring on the speakers on repeat seems to help o. My worst days.  

I'm always available to chat if needed.  



Valentina Deambrosio
Montevideo, Malvin, UY

So sorry for your loss. I know time will make it better...


Melissa Rowe
San Diego, CA, US

So sorry. <3 I had two miscarriages between my two kids. My first lingered for a few months which by the time I went back to my doctor, it finally subsided, but I should have been in sooner. Definitely keep your eye on that. My second needed intervention and was a lot easier physically, but also emotionally. I found the lingering to be really difficult. It was like being in limbo. :/

The grieving process looks different for everyone, grieve however you need to. For me personally it got a lot easier over time, and especially after having my 2nd child. To be honest, these days (6 years later) it really barely crosses my mind. There is hope & another side, for now take it easy.


Breanne Renaud
Harrow, Ontario, CA

I’ve had two miscarriages within the last 8 months. Both were physically And mentally painful. A good support system is good to have. Everyone is different when dealing with grieving, and you just have to do what’s best for you. 

My husband and I bought a memorial tree and put it at the back of our property in memory of the little ones we lost. We still hold hope that our family will grow. 

Always stay positive and hold on to hope <3

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