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I just heard the Ballad of Seymour Better Times for the first time today and fell madly in love with it!   What a great song, great arrangement, great lyrics too!    A new fave of mine.   It does remind me a little of Rocky Raccoon in a way.   Especially the "doot doot doots"     Who else hears the Rocky Raccoon influence?     



Holly Snider
Conway, South Carolina, US

You're not wrong! They actually compared it to Rocky Raccoon themselves in this blog post. I got a huge kick out of it because my friend and I had recently had a friendly debate where I told her it reminded me of a song from Robin Hood and she said it was more like Rocky Raccoon. And then they went and posted a blog and said it was one part each :-p


Thanks, I haven't been on here regularly in months so that's cool to know.   

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