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Hanson has been known to plan things years in advance, with the result that if something unforeseen (IDJ amalgamation, new ideas, injuries etc) happen, things could be delayed for many years. Take, for example, the fact that in 2015 a studio album was planned for 3016, and then that was replaced byb String Theory and Middle Of Everywhere etc.

So when Hanson mused in 2010 about "a long thirteen years from now" (I am just presuming they were envisaging a "Ten Of Ten' concert effort) they must have been planning something like that or at least thinking it would be nice to do.

Now, the way thing's worked out, we could get Black Mesa in 2021, and presuming three year gaps between subsequent album releases, we could be looking at album 10 and Ten Of Ten in 2027, to celebrate 30 years of album releases. Wouldn't that be cool?



Chris Miller
Meadville, PA, US

I definitely hope Hanson makes it to 10 full-length studio albums.  That's quite an accomplishment in its own right.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

thats an interesting thought but Against  the world and Black Mesa are only numbers 7 and 8 and I don't know if 9 and 10  would come as soon after that . 

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