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I was thinking about Isaac's quote from Anthem: Live In New York about when you hit album number six, putting together a setlist becoming difficult, and I was thinking with 'Against The World' and "Black Mesa" coming, will there be any room in a set for rarities or non singles anymore? Hanson have done a really good job of filtering in one or two as regulars on each successive tour... Rock n Roll Razorblade and Lost Without Each Other becoming the beneficiaries on the Wintry Mix tour. I'm just wondering, going forward, if tours are going to become more like greatest hits shows, in addition obviously to the new album music. Gosh! Imagine if I actually ever get to see a Hanson show! Right now, living on reading setlists is all a show is to me, so if I ever get to a venue I'd probably be like that The Nanny episode.... you mean you get to go inside? They actually play music? Etc. Sorry, I'm rambling.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

They've been really good at taking songs out and bringing other songs back on each tour that I don't think they'd stop doing things like that even when the catalog does expand.  On the MOE tour they had a few slots that would rotate out 2 or 3 songs even just on the tour and if they keep the solos in, that allows for some rarities as well.



Jackie Gomez
Irvine, CA, US

Oh man...Katie I hope you’re right! I think my thoughts align with Robin’s on this one. I can totally see things quickly turning into new music plus greatest hits for a long while. Which would be such a bummer. I wanna see songs like Blue Sky come back - just as one example of a song I miss hearing on tour. <3 



Joanne Villani
New York, NY , US

I feel like the last few tours, the setlists stayed a little more similar to each other night to night than they did in previous tours. Around the time of the Walk Around the World Tour, they were switching in so many different songs. I remember I saw them two nights in one week and heard nine songs the second night that weren't in the first night's set. That was obviously a few albums ago, but I think I could still do something like that if they chose to. They don't always play the same "singles," there was a while when you wouldn't always hear "If Only" and "Give a Little" hasn't been around for a bit (I realized when they played it at BTTI that I hadn't heard it in quite some time). So they might even be able to do a Mmmbop, I Was Born + four other "singles" mix and swap things in and out there so they don't take up all the space. It'll be interesting to see what they do! 



Michael Jones
Austin, TX, US

I get that it must be challenging for them to mix it up.  I just want to hear more songs!  It was so fun to hear Rock N Roll Razorblade during Wintry Mix!  My only complaint was that I saw them twice on that tour, back to back nights in Texas (Austin and Dallas), so a lot of people went to both shows.... and the set lists were identical (in the same order even) except for the encore.



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

I have only been following Hanson a couple years so at this point I just want to get to a live show - no I am not tired of any Hanson songs.

  What I would like to add is that having a large music catalog is a blessing and a curse.  So many songs to pick from and then your brain goes blank in the middle of one you are singing/playing.  !!!    I think having the music/lyrics - cheat sheets - on stage, would be helpful for our guys these days.   If they don't need them - don't look, no big deal.  But - every now and then someone forgets a verse or a rift and I am certain it is not a comfortable feeling.  Perhaps this would make it easier for them to include deep cuts more often. 



Mariana Antunes
São Paulo, SP, BR

I'm with Katie. I don't think the guys will stop playing rarities.
They'll find a way, even with a expanded catalog.

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