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October,22 is coming & that means that my drummer hero ZAC HANSON turns 34!!! :o) Have the best rockin' awesome day man:o) Last year on my birthday I was looking forward to HANSON's first concert ever in my homeland Norway & this year for ZAC's birthday I have been very worried & sad after hearing about what happened to ZAC earlier this month:o( I'm super glad &  relieved to hear that he's on the mend!!! Hugs & Well Wishes <3 Have the best of times on the Wintry Mix Tour with Tay & Ike - As always I'll be Thinking Of You Wishin' That I Was There!!! :D So excited to hear MOrE about Against The World sometime soon - I know itz gonna rock big time:o) Lovin' your song Juliet off your last studio album, so I know that I'll love the new one too <3 My great grandma Karen woulda turned 101 on October,22 this year, so I remember celebrating October,22 already as a small child - Paper crowns & all:o) My thoughts always go to ZACHARY on this day each & every year, forever & always!!! :D Have the best birthday, Z <3 All the greatest for your special day, Margrethe:o)



Happy Birthday Zac! I hope you have a great day tomorrow.



Lauren Davidson
Fort Worth, Tx, US

happy Birthday Zac! have a wonderful and Blessed Day :)



Happy Birthday Zac!



Happy birthday Zac, have a brilliant day! Hope you're feeling better!

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