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I don't even know the right word in this case but Taylor losing (a bit of a euphemism for he probably just left it somewhere and when he remembers where it'll miraculously reappear) brings the eerie reminder of preparation for Back To The Island a few years ago when all three cut their hair. And personally it makes me shudder.  Zac looks best with long hair, and Taylor needs a beard. Personal opinion. 



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

for me  what they wear or their hair styles  doesn't change the sound of  their music and  good personalities 



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

Personally it's all about the music!



I like the fresh look! It's just hair, after all. It grows back



christine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

I think Isaac seems to have found a style and look that he is comfortable with.

Zac seems to move between the rock drummer look and just wanting to get some air around his neck and head.

Taylor seems to enjoy styling his hair to suit some idea of the moment. 

I enjoy the styles they create as part of the mood of an album, tour or moment in time whether done deliberately or not.



My worry is the like almost bald look they went for for Back To The Island a few years back, followed by Zac's promise to grow the hair back. I just hope this isn't something ... I don't know... but I suppose they may be looking for a specific look to launch next year's album too, so...

and I know we've had this debate about six years ago, but I will maintain my stance...

It's not JUST hair! Oh my gosh!



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

It's all about the music - really!

I admit I smiled when I saw the pictures on Instagram and all the posts commenting on Taylor's fresh look (laughed actually)

But - Taylor - it is your face/hair - do what you want :-). And, that goes on the same for Isaac & Zac.  



Ah I though Taylor just used that FaceApp to make himself look younger. I think he looks quite good... although I do love a beard.



christine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

I loved the I have cut all my hair off look. I love it.



I think they look great just the way that they are!

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