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Hi guys! I just bought tickets to your show in Minnesota on November 8th! I’m so excited! This will be my third Hanson concert and I am attending in my mom and sisters honor. My mom bought me Middle of Nowhere for my 7th birthday and I would sing all the songs on my karaoke machine for her. My sister, Amanda and I have always been huge fans. We went to your concert in Des Moines, Iowa a few years back. I remember it was hot and muggy but we loved every minute of it. Our mom passed away in February due to complications of polycystic kidney disease and stage 4 lung cancer. Weird was her favorite song and it always makes me think of her. My sister passed away this last Friday, October 4th after coming home from dialysis. She took a nap and never woke up. I just want you guys to know how much your music means to your fans. It has gotten me and my family through some really tough times and I will continue to follow you in your music career.  Can’t wait for the upcoming show!




OMG Lindsey! You've opened up quite a lot in that! If you were a member, I could send you a PM but... find me on Facebook (HansonSouthAfrica probably easiest to begin with) and maybe we can connect like that.Just message me there or something so I know its you. Gosh. What you must be going through right now... Hanson gets us through a lot though. There seems to be a song for every life situation



Sarah Todd
Brooklyn Park, MInnesota, US

I am going to that show as well. It should be a blast! Sorry about your mom and sister. It is so hard to lose family.

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