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Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

On Instagram @all_about_hanson_ is asking fans to send pictures and well wishes directly (DM) to her for Zac. She's making a full day of it just for Zac. Find her on Instagram and tell her what you want to do whether its pics, words or whatever and she will send the word out! Thanks.



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

Sounds good, can't wait to send my message.


Yay thank you everyone is welcomed to send my message to my ig tomorrow let’s make him feel better. ❤️❤️❤️❤️



Even though he's probably already duct-taped his arm to his neck and is attempting to quietly show up at the office before he's properly healed, he's supposed to be resting. They need to get the spray bottle out and spray him back home if he doesn't have sense enough to stay there. 



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

LOL!   @CTUSA - that's a good one!!!   I know Taylor is out on his road trip, but I can imagine Isaac and his kids armed with spray bottles.... and right now Zac can't fight back.   

Zac, are you reading this???



"Zac, are you reading this???" - Judy

I hope not because initially thought "laughter is the best medicine! I want to cheer him up!" And then I realized that laughter is the best medicine for everything...but broken ribs. Then, it's just sadistic, lol. 

So now I'm just going to extend only solemn, reserved well-wishes from this point on ;). 



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

CTUSA - True - laughing & broken ribs do not go together. 

 But - smiling will still do him a lot of good.  (and we know darn well no one is going to chase Zac or spray him with anything at this point in his recovery)


Ashley Wool
New York, NY, US

I too send my solemn, reserved well-wishes to our dude Zac! Fractured ribs are noooo joke!


So cute Idea i send mine already

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