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Hahaha! So glad you guys have fun during the process and as always, thanks for letting us get a peek into the craziness!



Lisa Turner
Dublin, California, US

Can all live shows now have a long kazoo solo/duet? Thank you.



Kathy Powers
Spring Lake, NJ, US

Even though I can't wait for the new music, can I ask a favor?  Will you consider putting out a digital version of the 3 Car Garage album?  I would love to have those songs on my phone.  Thanks!



I believe that eveyrything  in Your guys work will go in the right direction :) :-*



Arielle Marcum
Enterprise, Oregon, US

Jerseypeach1-if you have a computer you can upload it there then download the songs to your phone



ps: i love this picture from Your work:)



You guys never fail to make me laugh but this video is a new level I hilariousness, literally crying with laughter here!!!



Jennifer Vaughan
New Braunfels, Texas, US

I’m not seeing the video...It’ll be worth the wait!


i cant wait yes tays dj to yehh



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Super excited!! Can't wait. Loving this pic though of Tay and Zac hard at work. ATW is gonna be off the charts!!



Super excited for this! That's so funny because I almost bought a kazoo at Idared when I was there for Hanson Day. 



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Happy to see the guys are not only working on new music, but having a good time too!    Everyone needs a popsicle break during the summer.  



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

I'm super excited and can't wait to hear the new music!



Dophine Frazier
Swanzey, NH, US

Kazoontite! How exciting! Thanks Zac, Taylor and Isaac! I can't wait! You guys kick A$$!



You told : "When you are in the moment, it can be missed how the stories told in each song have a shared perspective"... i was missed somethig too.. the most importad thing in my life ..and never ever did not come back ..Maybe my topic is  not similar with "Moment to shine" but this is remain me something what always come to me again and again....since a long time, which always just lost somewhere.. im trying..i wish share with You guys with all my emotions, my feelings, thinking and visions from last  a few years. You come to my life when i was child, but you come more deeply  into my life  6-7  years ago and even we never meet in real, i was expierence you guys  very deep and this was very  mystically expierence for many years.This lasted so long until i was realized that You guys was my destiny, my life goal, was my life becouse many vision  which i had was about You.And that vision was always very importand ,with solemnity and  from high shelf.I was knew ( not all things but a part of them)what was done with You guys in last years in that bad thimes becouse  i walk through the same way.Your story is my too. So many things i wish could share with You in real..face to can tell can huge you strong..and find confirmation of  truth in Your eyes...Unfortunately i haven't money to can going on all Your cocerts ..but i wish i was only one time in London 2 years ago but even i haven't any picture with You.. i wantet very much..but i could't doing was my way..but i was afraid that  when i came near you.. i won't find proof in your eyes..and all what i was saw for that time, all my faith -just will gone.. So i get my proof-String Theory...but unfortunately what was the worst...i .wasn't on a concert in String Theory..the  most importand thing in my life  But i knew that i want, i must and i should. .I can't tell You why on this page, this is too complicated and too private.But i can't  accept this fact..i can't live with this pain and i can't forgive self. .Its like collect many guitar or much of piano and never could heard them.".Theory of String"-in fact-"Theory of Evrything"-is gone.Now is" In real life" and i know that i was misses the most importans thing in all this big puzzle, all this big thing on my way which i was walked.. Like small fish, which all life was trying swiming in ocean..but when she  grew up, she realized that this is not ocean but only swimming pool..and in fact there is no water, becouse this swimming pool is full of  sand so this fish don't get to ocean full of water...Anyway..i wish tell You: THANK YOU FOR "STRING THEORY". and thank You that i could share my own. Love You so.



Jennifer McWilliams
Oakville, ON, CA

Are there still plans for 2019 preview shows for the new music? All these one-off shows now announced makes me feel like the preview shows a la Underneath Acoustic won't be happening now? 




How bout those Isaac Leads??

Will we be getting any on this new album???



That shared perspective is one perk (or maybe disadvantage, occasionally) of you three being brothers.  If one of you forgets (or chooses to forget) the details of a past adventure/misadventure, someone else is always there to fill in the blanks. 

I'm happy to hear there are past snippets of musical inspiration stored somewhere safe just waiting to see the light of day.  It's great to hear recording starts next month.  2020 really isn't so far away.  Patience...

Who would want to forget that Kazoo video?  (These days a good laugh is worth more than gold.)



Lindsey Karvonen
Minneapolis, MN, US

I feel like the real true belly laughs out of Taylor are so few and far between, so I totally appreciate this hilarity!



Brittany Bader
Fredericksburg, Virginia, US

This sounds awesome, thanks for letting us in on some of the action! Love seeing things like this, brings a smile to my face :-)



so pumped for new music

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