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amazing hanson.



Morgen Cavanah
Owasso, OK, US

My entire life story is intertwined with Hanson. I was severely abused as a child, and the only thing that got me through the abuse was listening to Hanson’s music. When I was 12 years old, I joined the Hanson fan online community, which would drastically change the direction of my life forever. When I was sixteen years old, a group of Hanson fans helped me to escape my abusive family, and I was eventually adopted by a new family that I met at a Hanson concert. Since my adoption at the age of 17, I have decided to pursue a career in music - and have just graduated with my Master’s Degree THIS WEEK in Opera Performance, all because of the encouragement Hanson has given me. I would love to discuss how Hanson has foraged an insurmountable link between my career, new family, and hope for a positive life in general.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US


taysbear Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Dearest Isaac and Taylor and Zac ,

I wont be  at Hanson  day 2019  ,  but I have attended for  5 years previous and feel a connection of your  music  .  Its ironic I'm writing this on the anniversary  of the This time around  album  because that particular   song has gotten me   through the hardest times  in my life . I had two years  of my college  career  2005  -2007 that Accounting of all things got me so discouraged that I wanted to quit a few times , but between this time  around and  the walk album preview , it inspired me  to  not give up  . I am now starting  a new  phase of my career in Human Services , partly  inspired by Taylor's work  with Food  On  the move . I am starting with nothing and depending on God and my experience to  open the door  as  you have your entire career .

Thank you  for doing your career in your own way .

Many  blessings Carrie



Chandra Lueth
Woodruff, WI, US


excited to hopefully experience the VR at the gallery....

as for the documentary...where would I even start? how to put words to it? 



Delainie Heinzen
Milwaukee, WI, US

(Im posting this here and the other blog)

This is amazing. I have a good story for you. It started in 1998...

In 1998, my mom, my little sister and I saw Hanson in Milwaukee, WI. Yes, just like the song Hanson sings, “Man From Milwaukee”. At that time, my sister was a big Zac fan, braided her hair like him and fabric painted the guy's names on her jean shorts. Years went on and I stayed in the fandom while my sister "grew out of it" which most do. She, being the best sister ever, supports my crazy habit, how many concerts my friends and I see and everytime I send a pic or share a song with her, she fully understands and simply goes with it with a simple smile and a "thats awesome".

I never pushed her to be such a big fan like I am, just like she wouldnt push any of her fandoms onto me, but she gets it.


Fast forward to 2 years ago, 2017, when Hanson came to our big music festival called SUMMERFEST.  When I heard Hanson was coming to Summerfest a couple months ago, I texted her and said "Wanna come?!?!" half joking, half serious. Her reply?

"". It was fine. Totally understandable. Come that day though, when I got call from my sister simply asking "Can I come see Hanson with you?" I sat there shocked. My mom  already was coming (big Isaac fan) but my sister!?! How could this be?


As the show started, I looked at her and smiled. Here was my sister, who once was a fan but simply stopped, asking to come to the show! I said laughing, "Are you prepared for what you are about to experience?!"

Well guess what...she came. She rocked out. She sang along to songs she knew.  She exclaimed "Zac is hot!"(<<<#duh). She took pics. She got to see what I experience at every show (probably judgingly..but whatever )


It was amazing to be able to share this anniversary tour with my friends who have followed them for 20+ years and also to be able to share this experience again with my sister and my mom who went to my very 1st Hanson show with me. It will be a lasting memory I wont forget and Im sure she wont either.

Cuz lets be real...everyone who experiences a Hanson show (old or new fan) ends up having the time of their life.


In 1998, we took a mother/daugher pic and just 19 years later, we took the same pic marking the fact even though my sister isnt a big fan anymore, I got to share the experience with her. I have the picture on my facebook and I showed Isaac the 1998 pic and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think its really cool how one band can impact so many memories and experiences for such a long time. Truly amazing.



Vita Ayala
Munster, IN, US

It's hard to remember "life before Hanson" since I was 12 when this whole rodeo began. My best friend and I got hooked and here we are now, 34 years old, chugging along with husbands, full-time jobs, house payments, and most importantly...Hanson. There's really no way to express what a wonderfully unique situation we are all in. We have literally grown up together, going through the gawky pre-teen years, getting married, having/thinking about having children, etc. That life stage connection makes the music and the memories so much sweeter. I have met the guys on many different occasions (some stranger than others) and every time there's been nothing but mutual respect and excitement flowing from both sides. The bond between us fans and the band may be unlike anything that has come before us in the music world - and so much of that is attributed to the fact that Hanson creates all of these events to actually meet and spend personal time with the fans. They've also done it in a way that many fans (myself included) have been able to integrate their husbands into the fandom and fuse our love for the band and their music with our real, every day lives. My husband will be taking me to The Hop Jam for the second time this year and honestly, I think he can see how much Hanson means to so many and genuinely enjoys the experience...although it did take a few years for him to warm up to the idea of parading across the country for a band. But that's just the thing. Hanson is not JUST A BAND. Hanson is literally a piece of who so many of us are and who we will always be. I have kept friendships with girls that I met at my first show in Detroit on The Albertane Tour. I have been welcomed by people I don't know the second we find out that we are both Hanson fans. The list goes on and on. Sometimes shows become completely overwhelming because a certain song or a certain phrase takes you right back to where you were at the age of 13, 19, 24 and all you want to do is cry and stay in that moment forever. This is what being a Hanson fan is all about - and the mutual love and respect from the band to the fans and the fans to the band is simply unparalleled.



Jaclyn Sauter
Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Our long distance relationship then turned into us moving in together. I moved to Tulsa in 2007, we married in 2009 and I have only become more involved in the fandom ever since. I like to credit Hanson for my husband and I meeting when people ask what brought me here. 

I was chosen as the Oklahoma Street team leader in 2012 and have met so many friends from all over the world since then who share my passion. “HOP JAM IS TOMORROW” is a phrase several of us know very well. I wouldn’t trade these experiences & friendships for anything. Not a day goes by that Hanson isn’t mentioned by someone in my life! Most of my travels revolve around where they’re touring & which friend I can visit while I’m there. And most of the time, those friends are Hanson fans. We’re not a cult, but you might think twice about it after making this documentary. Ha! 

If you’ve made it this far, FYI you definitely need to feature Morgen Cavanah’s story :-)  



Jaclyn Sauter
Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Alright sorry - cut off the first half! 

A fan since April ‘97 at 11 years old, finding out I had the same birthday as Zac, I knew I was destined to meet Hanson - I sure wasn’t wrong! I met several of my childhood Hanson fan friends just by wearing a Hanson shirt in my 6th grade art class. “I like your shirt!!” is just one way we made friends before social media. We are still friends to this day and Hanson remains a huge influence in our lives. FFW to 2004, the internet is well into existence & I meet a guy in an “I’m bored” yahoo chatroom. He’s 24 and from TULSA. Heck yes I’m talking to this guy! We remain online friends and then kindle a relationship in early 2006. Introducing him to my parents was more than awkward at that time. “He’s from Oklahoma & we met online!” #yikes 

Our long distance relationship then turned into us moving in together. I moved to Tulsa in 2007, we married in 2009 and I have only become more involved in the fandom ever since. I like to credit Hanson for my husband and I meeting when people ask what brought me here. 

I was chosen as the Oklahoma Street team leader in 2012 and have met so many friends from all over the world since then who share my passion. “HOP JAM IS TOMORROW” is a phrase several of us know very well. I wouldn’t trade these experiences & friendships for anything. Not a day goes by that Hanson isn’t mentioned by someone in my life! Most of my travels revolve around where they’re touring & which friend I can visit while I’m there. And most of the time, those friends are Hanson fans. We’re not a cult, but you might think twice about it after making this documentary. Ha! 

If you’ve made it this far, FYI you definitely need to feature Morgen Cavanah’s story :-) 



Kristina Brodal Syversen
Brumunddal, NA, NO

One day I stumbled across the quote “Passion is energy. Feelthe power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” This is a quote that Ifeel expresses what Hanson means to me. A lot of people I know wonder why Ilove Hanson so much and why I spend so much time and money on following them.The truth is that their music, passion, hard work, dedication, and all thewonderful people I have met throughout these years have become that source ofenergy I need, when life gets extra hard and busy. It might sound weird topeople, especially those who are not as passionate about something as I amabout Hanson, but nothing makes my day better than thinking about the friendsI’ve made, the places I’ve gone, and the inspiration I have gotten from Hanson,through their music and extremely hard work.


My Hanson journey didn’t truly begin until 2005, though Ihave some faint memories from 1997, of me jumping around on my grandmother'scouch, whenever Mmmbop would come on. However, I lost track of them and itwasn’t until they suddenly appeared on a Top 20 music show in Norway, that Irealized they were still making music. They were visiting to promoteUnderneath and played a few songs. I was instantly hooked and joined the fanclub. I quickly felt right at home, as I met several unbelievable kind girls,who were more than willing to take this “new fan” under their wings. Neverwould I have imagined that this was only the beginning of many wonderfulfriendships, with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. The senseof community, and having developed so many close friendships with people fromall over the world, has truly impacted my life for the better. I moved to theUS in 2008, to go to College. It was definitely hard to pack up and move awayfrom family and friends, but the people I met on the road when going to seeHanson all over the US, made it a lot easier to be so far away from home.  Along with the great community, I also have tothank Hanson for their passion, hard work, and dedication. By watching howinvested they are in their craft, their fans, and everything they do, it pushedme to leap out of my comfort zone, bringing me to where I am today.

I truly believe I wouldn’t have been the person I am today if it hadn’t been for Hanson, and for that, I will be forever grateful! Thankyou!



Kim Gilliland
Edmonton, Alberta, CA

The first time I ever saw Hanson perform was on tv - The Rosie O'Donnell Show to be exact in May of 1997, that is when I started loving them, i was 12 years old and after hearing MMMBop for the first time, I listenedto MON over and over and over.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Hanson is still my #1 favorite band.  I still love their music and it continues to cheer me up on my worst days.    I am the type of person who is nostalgic, mostly through music.  HearingMiddle of Nowhere transports me back to the simple, fun life of a 12 year old girl growing up in the 1990s, it makes me happy.  Anytime Hanson announces "new music coming soon!" it is something i count down to.  I like that they are true performers, they stuckto their roots, stuck to the music style they love - they didn't re-invent themselves and I like that.

Over the past 10 years especially, my admiration for this group has become even bigger because of two things:

1) My very first Hanson Concert was September 2008 (the first time they had every been to Edmonton, I didn't have the funds to go see them on tour elsewhere before this). Seeing your absolute favorite band perform islike a dream - Hanson performing live is amazing and completely lived up to what i was imagining in my head.

2)Hanson fan community - the amount of love and appreciation the guys show to us fans means a lot and is really awesome.  The amount of love this community has for these amazing musicians showed especially wheni attended my very first Hanson Day event in Tulsa in May of 2016. I am proud to say i have new friends from around the world because of this band, they bring awesome people together because of their music and for that I am grateful.  I have been lucky enough to have traveled with some of these great friends I have met back to Tulsa for 2017, Chicago, 3 California cities and Toronto since 2016.  I can't wait to travel for more!

 It is really hard to perfectly explain my love for this band.  The long and short of it - this band and their music MAKE ME HAPPY!



Lindsay Whelton
Grafton, Wisconsin, US

Hanson has really been the one constant I have in life. From dancing in cars with my sister as we drove around our hometown, to surviving my parents divorce at 13 years old because I had Underneath on a constant loop, they've been with me through everything. I know that any time I need them they're always gonna be there. Their concerts are the place where I feel I'm the most understood and the happiest I could ever feel. I always tell everyone I know that if you want to see the real me, just come to a Hanson concert with me. I have met some of my best friends and have the best relationship with my sister because of them. Taylor, especially, on multiple occasions has helped me through things he wasn't even aware I was going through at the time and I can't give my thanks enough for that. The love and admiration we give you guys is given back to us ten fold each and every year. I could talk forever about my love for this band but I'll stop here. Thank you so much for the 22 years you have given and shared with us. As long as you're around, I'll continue to be the "beast" of a fan that I am. 



Missy Buckman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

Been a Hanson fan since the early 90's and I always had minor learning disabilities and it was the lyrics to Hansons music that helped me and the song that it was was Mmmbop because some may turn their backs on you and others stay. Well basically that is what my life is like and still is at times. But however through Hanson , I attended many Hanson concerts and to many to count, didnt want to waste my time counting my stinky toes. lol. Anyways I don't remember the year but I am thinking maybe 2012 it was or maybe I attended the Chicago Hanson concert alone, I had a old co worker friend who came with me but we got separated because you guys had the story and we lined up in a different line for the story and that I am a fan club member and my co worker friend wasn't. Anyways I stood in line for four hours alone talking to a random Hanson fan and we hit it off and every since that friend talked me into going to Hday in 2015 and I still come ever since because most of my friends are Hanson fans and I consider Isaac TAylor and Zac as friends as well to and plus that friend who I met in Chicago The Story line is JAN COONEY;) 



Missy Buckman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

2010 while you guys did the 5 of 5 concerts in New York , I was in a hospital in Meqoan wisconsin under going a very complicated open heart surgery, that surgery went from a 4 hour surgery to a 3 day surgery because I had a annyrusem near my heart removed and every time they closed me up my heart stopped, then they had to quickly re cut me open to get my heart going again and again, I almost died few times to, I was in ICU for 3 days straight, I don't remember this stuff but I am going by what my Mom and Dad all told me. But near the end of my hospital stay I do remember. The good stuff that my surgen told me was that I woke up during surgery asking for a beer and brat, the surgen told me that is the Wisconsin girl in me I guess. I personally don't remeber this at all but man who in right mind would ask for food. lol.  

   Anyways in the hospital room I had my Underneath CD that I listened to alot while in the hospital until one of the nurses dropped my CD and then they accidently rolled my wheelchair over it and cracked the disc. I was so sad. lol. But no worries when I was good enough to go home I ordered a new replacement and now I can listen to Underneath all I want. lol. The other thing that my doctors told me was that I have a over active bladder cuz I apparently almost flooded the surgery room to. lol.  



Lauren Allison
New Bedford, MA, US

I have been a Hanson fan from the time Hanson hit a world wide phenomenon with success and stardom. Back in 1997 I was just a 9 year old little girl.. growing up in a world that was very happy and healthy for me. But in grade school came some issues with friends at around this age. See I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia back in 1995 and I was immediately put on the medication Adderal. It was very clear that I was "different" then a lot of my peers. And to make it worse, I was in a private school with kids who were very bright (or at the time it seemed that way). By the 5th grade I was changing (both physically and mentally) and quickly learned how cruel the world could be. I was made fun of by my peers for my math skills and judged because of the way I read and mixed words up. It was not only heartbreaking, but also very eye opening knowing that these kids were so brutal to their own classmate. It hurt deeply that I was judged and often went home crying even though I did have some good friends who didn't do this and stuck up for me. Back then being "bullied" wasn't really a "thing" and was often looked over and the student who was in control of bullying classmates was given a "slap on the wrist". This is the first time I remember how Hanson's song "Weird" helped me to realize that being different was "ok" and as an adolescent pre-teen it meant the world to have this song to relate to in such an extraordinary way.

Fast forward now to the year 1999 and 2000... oh how things were to change from the realities of a child to now a true pre-teen. I was 12 years old in a brand new private school in the 6th grade. Well, my love for Hanson was growing of course, and with that came many sleepovers with my Hanson cousin Christina who was a HUGE fan just like I (and still is, lol).  We were inseparable and were always together and never apart, and we also shared an amazing bond (we still do until this very day). In October of 1999 at just 13 years old Christina lost her father to a major but sudden heart attack. This was not only heartbreaking, but had put forth my underlining issue of anxiety that I never knew I even had, but looking back at as a child it makes sense. My anxiety was SEVERE to the point that I had to have Behavior Modifications implemented in my school setting. I could only go to school for a few hours a day for months until I built up the strength and confidence to be in school for a full day without having my mom there. This was completely eye opening and something that would change me forever. I remember the fear, the tears, and holding on to my mom and dad not wanting them to "leave me at school". It was not just hard on me, but hard on my parents and my family as well. In March of 2000 I got what I call a "gift" that was heaven sent. Hanson was back in the spotlight with a brand new song called (and so fitting) "This Time Around". This song spoke to me instantly the moment I heard it at 9PM on the radio for the first time. I cried... and I didn't know why I was crying back then but I do know now... that song was about FIGHTING to survive and everyday of my life as a 12 year old... I was fighting a battle to get my mental health better. This song empowered this anxiety ridden 12 year old and is what I listened to in moments of FEAR. "All I know is fear has got to go this time around" I'd sing with emphasis to get better and get STRONG. That April Hanson came to my local radio station and I was able to shake their hands and that changed the course of how my life would go on forever (as crazy as that may be or sound).

Through the years Hanson gave my teenage self something to go on for with the amount of heartbreak I encountered as a teen from boyfriends, friendships that broke apart, and so on. As an adult Hanson still played a HUGE part in my life. As life went on and I was in college in a bad relationship in 2009 I was hit with another battle besides anxiety... I was hit with depression. Not just any depression, but the kind where you don't want to get out of bed. I fought through tears, night after night of homework and late nights, fear, self doubt, and feeling like a "failure". During the Christmas season of 2009 I was out shopping with my mom and dad at a local mall. I was there shopping feeling pretty crappy but didn't want to let on that I was just "not ok" to my parents... and at the time my ex boyfriend (who I got back with multiple times before that) wanted to take a "long break with me". I was sitting at the Nordstrom café outside the mall feeling beyond horrible, sad, broken, and just hurt. And this was a moment that would forever change me and make me the strongest woman ever as I am today. As I was sitting there looking at all the escalators moving downward I noticed how "high" up I was... and in that moment a "odd feeling" I had never felt before came over me... I wanted to JUMP!!!! Right then and there I contemplated suicide for the first time in my life at only 24 years old! I instantly had a panic attack from this fear and was rushed home. I did tell my mom, and yes, I did go to my psychiatrist right away the following Monday to talk and be evaluated. At this moment in my life, if I hadn't prayed to God and I hadn't told my mom or listened to Hanson to soothe me (I listened to "Watch Over Me" like crazy that year, which is also why I still cry now when I hear it) I don't know really if I would be here writing this. Life is so funny isn't it? Life is a beautiful ride!!! It is mysterious and just wonderful.

Through the years after that I have gone through changes, awakenings, transformations and have stood my ground. I let unhealthy relationships (both romantic and friend) end and built new better ones. I graduated college in 2017 with an Associates in Communications and General Studies. I found an incredible boyfriend who I am happily currently living with for the past 3 years as we plan on engagement soon, marriage, and a baby. I am the HAPPIEST I have ever been in my life and have grown as a human in so many different ways. I am currently back in school for an 8 course certification in Business Administration and have a year down where I am considered a Junior for my B.A. I have a year to go after I get this certification to obtain my Bachelors in Business Administration/Office Management. 

I know for a fact that today wouldn't be if it weren't for Hanson. For they have allowed me to BELIEVE when I couldn't. They allowed me to focus on who I am and what I represent. Kept me from bad temptations in my past and have always been there when I needed them. Because of them I never needed to hang with the "cool crowd" to fit in or do drugs or drink as a teen AND an adult to get through my life. Because of Hanson and their music I have come so far. I have survived. I have lived so many dreams and realities because of them. But the best lesson I learned by them is that "there is NO day like today". I never gave up. I didn't give IN. I conquered my fears and I took every step back and heartbreak and came out on TOP. I am here and able to tell this story because I at 10 was "going to be just like Hanson when I grow up", and Hanson NEVER gave up... so I couldn't either.

Thank You Hanson! Isaac, Taylor and Zac for listening to my story! And thank you for inspiring me for all my life. Your music means so much to me and your presence is an honor to be in, always.

A VERY LONG TIME FAN, Lauren Allison all the way from Southeastern, Massachusetts, 31 years old.



christine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


tayzbethchristine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

I won't be in Tulsa this time but if there is any way you can sneek a little bit of my beautiful confession into your documentary, please do. Please !!!. It is beautiful because they are beautiful. It is a confession because it holds so much that is secret yet known about my life. It is secret because it is as close to me as anything has ever been. I was 43 when I became a fan, through Hansons second album TTA. I grew up loving music from 50, 60, 70s. So the sound resonated. But more than that their personality and hopeful energy was life giving. I had given up on the music of the 90s, but this was different. Through being a fan I have met many really special people around the world. I live in UK but have travelled extensively because of Hanson. I learnt to use a computer so I could go online to find out about them. I joined this fan club, the only thing like this Ive ever done and I have been a member for 20 years, this year. 

I feel a close connection to Hanson. My birthday is the same as Taylor. My Dads is the same as Isaac. My first grandchild was born on the first day of their 2017 European tour. These coincidences are sweet but more than these, Hanson and their music have connected with some of the most important aspects of my values and sense of purpose in life and I am truly grateful to have walked this earth at the same time as they have lived out their calling. I wont live to see it all but what I have/ will experience is something life giving.

When I was first a fan I sent the band a dvd of a UK music show and at the first show I went to, Isaac referenced it and played a song from it. I screamed my head off and felt so happy it was like someone had given me 20 years of youthfulness. The band has been very generous to me over time, in ways that have made me feel appreciated. I can not thank them enough. At home I play a little with crafts. I have sent them so many things they must despair. But a few years ago they posted a photo with one of my pictures in it. I was so excited and happy and grateful. 

A couple of years ago, in Tulsa, Taylor took time to chat with me away from the crowds. We sat as two people, catching up on a few things and it was a very kind and heart warming moment. I have no photo to show for it, but a lovely memory of a genuine moment when two people who in different ways care about many of the same things and who are years apart but who feel connected through music, met and spoke and shared. I am very grateful to him for that.

My home is full of memories and music from Hanson. But my life has been changed beyond measure by the love they pour into everything they do and give. Tulsa has become a place of such joy for so many because of them. I have visited 4 times and have many friends there.

In 2012 I made a friend at Chicago airport. She is a Tulsan and was travelling home from UK. We shared our interests over coffee and she was really interested in my Hanson passion. We shared stories of our interests and since then we have kept a close friendship. 

I have so many stories and moments to treasure. The song Tonight is very special to me.

In 2011, I heard Hanson sound checking inside a UK venue before a show. They were working on a song that I didnt recognise. It had a sweeping, anthemic piano line and a strong guitar sound. I recorded a little snippet.

A year later it appeared as the first song ready for Anthem. It was played at Hanson Day 2012.

My heart. My heart was full.

The song tells Hanson's own story both in the meaning and the use of lyrics from songs across their history. I love it because I love them.

A million thank yous.  



christine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


tayzbethchristine Easom
Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB

This year at the age of 62, I have recorded and produced a music cd of Eight Songs which mean something to me. It is for my father who always thought I should be a musician. Instead I became a teacher. So for him at his age of 98 I made this. Hanson inspired me. Hanson gave me the confidence. Hanson and their sense of drive and their testimony that everyone has a calling to fulfil gave me the impetus to do this.

They truly are very, very special.



Anne Marie Cellucci
Folsom, Pennsylvania, US

There are so many things I could tell you about how Hanson’smusic has changed my life.  I could tellyou what was going on in my life based on which Hanson album I am listening to.   Icould go on and on about hearing “Weird” for the first time and how I felt likesomeone finally got it – got me.  Someonefinally understood and took all those things I was feeling and put them tomusic.  I could tell you about thefriendships I have made because of this band. People I would have never met had it not been for Hanson and theirforums.  I have traveled near and far withthese people who share the connection to this band and to their music.

What I want to tell you about, though, is about somethingdeeper than all of that.  The band that Iloved as a teenager and an adult is the very same band my son (John) loves.  Our shared love for Hanson has created a bondand a connection I never dreamed were possible. You see, for the past few years, I was looking for ways to connect with him.  This boy who loves all things dirt, Lego andsports is completely opposite of myself. I was looking for a way to connect with him – to share something specialthat was only “ours.”  Enter Hanson. 

John has asked for years to go with me to a show.  I told him if Hanson ever played in a seated venue,I’d take him – no questions asked.  Lastyear, they played String Theory in Virginia, and my son and I road-tripped fromPennsylvania to experience the show.  Hestayed in his first hotel, went to his first concert and experienced the magicof the show. A few months later, Hanson came to the Tower Theater and he wantedto try to meet the guys.  He asked if wecould wait by the tour bus before the show. I obliged, and we were lucky to meet Taylor.  John was at a loss for words, so I started promptinghim to tell Taylor about our Virginia trip. The smile on his face after it was over was something I will never forget.  A few hours before the show, I was contactedabout winning a meet and greet.  I couldn’tbelieve it  - I had waited 22 years to meetHanson and I was thinking about all of the things I would say to them.  When the moment arrived, the first thingTaylor did was introduce John by name to Isaac and Zac.   Heremembered my son’s name - that meant more to him (and me!) than I could everexpress.  All I could do was sit back andwatch John interact with our favorite band. I couldn’t say a word – not because I was nervous but because watching Johnhave the experience meant so much more than anything I could say to them. 

Despite all the reasons Hanson has been so instrumental inmy life, by far, the most important gift their music has given me is a sharedconnection with my son that only we understand.  It’s ours, and no one can take that way.  And for that, I am forever grateful.    



Rachel Hockema
Lehi, UT, US

I was a huge Hanson fan in 1997 and they were my firstconcert in 1998.  Life got complicatedand we moved a few times, so I lost touch with their music for years.  In 2008, I was in college, my parents weregetting divorced, and I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer – all at the age of21.  It was an extremely trying time, andI looked to music for comfort.  Duringthis struggle, I stumbled upon Underneath. The first time I heard the song “Broken Angel,” I sobbed.  It was everything I needed hear at that stagein my life.  I listened to it on the wayto every doctor’s appointment and chemotherapy treatment.  I’m happy to say that I’ve now been cancerfree for 10 years.

My second Hanson concert wasn’t until 2010, but that openedthe floodgates for more concerts, Hanson Day, and other special events.  My first Hanson Day was in 2012, and wassupposed to be a once in a lifetime experience. I met my best friend, Tara, that year on  Tara and I were both at crossroads in ourlives, and had both been deeply affected by Hanson’s music.  Though we were extremely different people intheory, our connection was instant and we have been going on musical adventurestogether ever since.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve met so many wonderful peoplethrough this band and their music.  I neverthought that I would find a group of people that understands me so completely,but I’ve become part of a close-knit group of strong, beautiful women that Iwouldn’t trade for the world. 



Brittany Bader
Fredericksburg, Virginia, US

Hanson, you have been a constant in my life since I was twelve years old. I love the music, the personality, the talent and everything else you bring to the table. Having your music in my life has helped me get through the tough times and enhanced the happy times! I feel alive when I hear your music and it really resonates with me. Lyrics are very important in music and yours have truly been inspiring, insightful and relatable. I will be attending my first Hanson Day weekend and I cannot wait. I know that I will experience more appreciation for you and your talent. I cannot wait to see you there and I cannot wait for Storytellers. Rock on and please never stop!


Brittany :)



I remember the very first time I heard MMMbopp in 1997, I begged my mom to immediately take me to the store, where I bought the single CD of MMMbopp. When I got home, I called my best friend Cally and urgently told her to come to my house. I played the CD and I watched her fall in love with at her first listen, just like I did. A musical fire had been lit in our souls. We had to know more about Hanson, we needed to hear more of their music!! We bought every magazine, CD, shirt and merchandise we could get our hands on. We placed many long distance calls to the Hanson Hotline, trying to know more about this band that seemed to sing right into our 12 year old souls! We learned to set our VCR's to recored any appearance or performance, 

Hanson continued to bring Cally and I together after I moved states away in 1997 from Arkansas to Georgia. I proudly wore my Hanson shirt to the first day of 8th grade at my new school.Most people didn't understand, but I found a little tribe of Hanson fans and that got me through. 

 The Summer of 1998 I saw my first Hanson concert in Atlanta, Cally saw them for the first time in Arkansas around that time also. We still shared many phone conversations and updates from the Hanson Hotline and  With all the continual changes in our lives, the ups and downs, Hanson remained one of our common grounds over the years.... still is in 2019.  We always dreamed  of being able to go to Tulsa together for Hanson Day, ever since 1998.  21 years later Cally and I are still best friends and have continued to be Hanson fans!  

This past October Cally and I were able to see our first Hanson show together String Theory in Atlanta. We then promised ourselves then and there we would go to Hanson Day together in 2019, it became a priority to finally GO to Hanson day. It seems like an absolute dream that we will be in Hanson's home town of Tulsa next week, seeing 4 Hanson shows in 4 days, together!   We are so excited to celebrate the band that has created the soundtrack to our friendship and lives. 



michelle tribble
Excelsior Springs, MO, US

So, I did not grow up following Hanson.  

For me Hanson was the band our friend, Cory loved! Our friend who died is a car accident in April 1999. When we were just 14 years old.     "With you in your dreams" was read at her funeral. It was well known how much she loved you guys. And through the years when we heard Hanson it made us think of her, always. 

Every April, we always meet up and put flowers at the spot where she left this world. And we remember her and it bonds our friendships.

Fast forward 19 years to January 2018. Listening to Pandora, (90's music of course) Hanson comes on, as it has many times over the years and makes me cry and smile all at once. But this time is different, I am reflecting and thinking, wow it's going to be 19 years this year that we lost Cory! how did that happen, where has the time gone. 

I get curious, and I start looking up Hanson, to see if you guys still tour, so my 2 friends and I can go to a concert to honor her memory, I find Hnet, and then discover Hday!! Literally just a day or two before Hday 2018 is announced. (FATE, RIGHT??) 

Let me also add, It starts on Cory's Birthday!!!!! May 17th!!!

I start texting my friends, " guys, oh my gosh,  check this out, we have to do this!!"  It takes a couple days for them to make arrangements so that we can commit to this trip. And we join the Hanson Day fb group! I share our story in the group and start making new friends that are also from Missouri. We start a Missouri fan group chat and we talk daily up until we all meet for the first time in Tulsa!! 

Of course we have the time of our lives, and I had been preparing for months, learning songs I never knew were even out there, Because again, I had no idea this fandom existed, That Hanson was still making current music. I FELL IN LOVE, with the music the people, the fandom< Tulsa,  All of it. As for my childhood friends I took with me, they didn't quite fall as hard as I did. They had a great time in Tulsa, but they didn't take the leap into the Fanson "cult" :) that I did. 

But then there were the NEW friends I made, the fan friends! They changed my life right along with the music. And we have stayed in touch DAILY, they came to Kansas City for another Hanson show last summer,  I have traveled with these new friends to Iowa, St Louis to see Hanson. 

In St Louis I WON a M&G and had Zac sign a little tribute to Cory, "4 Cory" (he wrote) Because if not for her memory, my life would have never taken this amazing ride! At that show I had front row seats and Zac gave me his drumsticks after the show. 

Here I am a brand new fan and within less than a year, I have got to receive the Ultimate fan experience!! How incredible is this gift!  I am incredibly blessed!

I now own all the Hanson Cd's I can get my hands on, there isn't a song I don't know now. And you would never know that I have not been a fan all my life. 

And it's a week before Hday 2019 and I am going again with the girls I met for the very first time at Hday last year. And I could not feel more whole than I do right now! 

-Grateful forever fan

 Michelle Tribble


I remember waking up and having MTV going on the T.V. Every morning Mmmbop would come on. I never happened to catch who it was or the name of the song. Later in the week while riding with family it came on. I was so excited to hear it! My sister all made fun of me for it, and I quickly learned a lot of others would too. I didn’t care though! It spoke to me! Then Where’s the Love and Weird. I never felt a connection to music until then. Throughout the years as I’ve grown I feel like the music has matched me in growth. When Hanson started doing Hanson Day events in Tulsa I would go. I quickly made friends within the fandom. Now the music means even more. It’s a journey and camaraderie. I don’t think I can fully articulate what it’s like being a fan to those who don’t appreciate the music though.



UnfortunatelyI have to deal with mental health issues for more than 10 years now.Actually it‘s not me who is suffering from that sickness butsomeone very close to me. I guess people who have never experiencedit can not imagine how much it also affects/changes the lifes of theones around. It destroyed all the dreams I‘ve ever had and made mecompletely lose my way of life. Often it feels that I will be stuckin the shadow forever and the sun will never shine again in my life.

Hanson‘smusic has helped me going through the hardest times, never losinghope or never giving up completely. It gives me the strength to getup again every day and keep going and fighting, even after all this time.
I am beyond grateful to have them and their music inmy life!



Lacey Napiontek
Edgewood , WA, US

I am often asked what it is that I love so much about thisband. In truth it's hard to put into words. There are many things I have cometo love about Hanson. But the easiest explanation, is that there issomething about people who live life with passion, that inspires me. Thesethree men are passionate about the music they make, and incorporate anartistic aspect into everything they create that is lacking in the musicindustry today. They have cultivated a community of people who love to learnand ultimately want to experience music differently than listening tosimplistic words and a catchy melody. Funny that's where we all started. Middleof Nowhere was a collection of upbeat pop tunes that ushered in a new era ofmusic. As a young girl those sugary sweet sounds were the soundtrack to the summerwhere I grew up and even today those memories of a carefree childhood flood meand I smile with fondness. The second studio album This Time Around was slightlyedgier and was a much closer representation of who this band is as a collectivegroup. This album would find me in my small corner of the world, a little moregrown up and searching for every inch of independence I could find. The musicof  these albums caught a reflection ofwho I was at each stage of my adolescence. The joyful bewilderment of discoveringthe world and all if it’s fascinations, the hardships of losing a loved one, rebellion,learning how to say I’m wrong and I’m sorry, outgrowing friendships, feelingunsure and it being ok. Every girl Hanson fan or not can say that a band shapedtheir lives. So I had to dig into a bit more personal history to discover whatmade this band stand out for me to a few years before Hanson was even a glimmerin my eyes.


I was nine when I was abused in a very privateand personal way. It is a weight that I have carried throughout much of my life.I remember the day when the person who had hurt me had moved back to my sleepylittle town. He was front page news and I struggled to go about my daily life forfear of confrontation. More specifically I remember the nightmare I woke from inthe middle of that night. A summer storm ragged outside, the lighting carriedshadows across my wall, and the thunder rattled my unsettled mind. I was tooold to find comfort from my parents and yet too young to not be afraid of the visionsthat replayed in my mind that night. I reached out and found the silver playbutton on my CD player and I found a song that soothed my terrified heart. Whenyou have no light to guide you and no one to walk beside you I will come toyou. When the night is dark and stormy you wont have to reach out for me I willcome to you. Sometimes when all your dreams may have seen better days and you don’tknow how or why but you’ve lost your way have no fear when your tears are fallingI will hear your spirit calling. We all need somebody we can turn to someonewho will always understand if you need the strength to keep trying I’ll reachout and take your hand. This song expressed the words of eternal friendship andunconditional love. This was the defining moment for me that set this band apartfrom all the others. They were my safe haven in my darkest hours.


Each song from that moment on allowed me tounderstand myself just a little bit better no matter how battered I was fromlife’s tragedies. When I graduated from high school and went on to college I boxedup the last remnants of my childhood and I lost track of the three boys who hadbrought me so much joy in the years before. Hanson re-emerged in my life about thetime I turned 21. I had no idea that they were learning hard lessons of theirown, fighting through their own struggles. Curious about what had happened tothem I learned that the guys were frustrated but determined. They had made thedecision to walk away from their label, and create their own. Through hard workand perseverance the guys followed their own intuition, and ingenuity andreleased their first independent album. Underneath. These songsrepresented a time in their life when they were faced with the dilemma everyonehas to ask themselves. Do we grow up and let this become a chapter of ourchildhood, or do we push on and do what we love to do?  One of my favoritediscussions was during an event, where a fan asked the guys which album wastheir favorite, Taylor had answered that it's hard to pick a favorite."It's kinda like asking which of your children is your favorite." Hewent on to say that he was especially fond of the underneath album because itwas such a visceral time. He often uses words that exceed my vocabulary, and heinspires me to learn what these new words mean. What I learned thatday was that the word visceral meant relating to deep inward feelings ratherthan to the intellect. This album came from emotion, rather than thought. Themore I listened I could hear their frustration, their drive, and their passion. The album is bittersweet for me, I loved hearing howthey used this creative outlet for their indignation, and how they used everyounce of tenacity and gumption they had to push past the boundaries of theirdreams. I could feel their heartbreak, and my heart broke for them. Therewas something more tugging at me though, again it was this reflection of thestruggles for my own dreams in a world that took pleasure in breaking you down. I suppose this connection is what keptme around but as time marched on I became moved by these three incrediblepeople.


They have taught me to truly listen to music.How each individual instrument exists on its own. The way each distinct butseparate sound collides into each other, disintegrating into a collectivecreation. It's fairly common in their music to find sad lyrics wrapped up inhappy melodies. They have shown me how the sounds can contradict the lyrics.These paradoxes could exist in an emotional state, such as the track"Strong Enough to Break" from the Underneath album. "I don'tfeel myself today, just a figure in the big monopoly game, struggle is theprice you pay you get just enough just to give it away." The music isdripping with sugary melodies while the lyrics are expressing hardship. Thecontrast found in the sound gives the song the impression that the artist istrying to shroud their troubles in positivity. Yet the lyrics convey fear oflosing yourself in the expectations of the world. When you take apartthe finished product, and breakdown the individual pieces you begin tounderstand the purpose and the intention behind how the art is created. Thesounds are indicative of the album title.. Underneath. The poppy music is thefacade, the exterior of a person, while the lyrics represent the emotionunderneath our fake smiles, and the lies we choose to tell ourselves. They havetaught me how to listen to the whole of the sounds, To hear the personalitieseach collaborator stamped inside the track, and to find appreciation for theintricacies of the words inside the songwriting. There are occasions where thesounds can express more than one emotion, simply by the way the artist singsthe song. A perfect example is found in a song on the This Time Around albumcalled Hand in Hand. The concept of this song follows the sadness of love lost,and the grief that accompanies a couple that is drifting apart. The artisticapproach in writing this song is found in the emotions that occur beyondsadness. As you explore the feelings of a man who has discovered the woman heloves betraying his trust. In life our emotions are rarely one fold. As youlisten to the nuances in this song you begin to hear the notes of irritation,anger and frustration that seem to highlight the sadness. Not only is he losingthe person he loves, but he is realizing he has been disillusioned. The gutwrenching way the artist emotes, is equally important to the authenticity ofthe song. As I listen I begin to feel what the artist is feeling.


As I listen through the catalog of songs, onecommon thread follows me, that I relate to these words, and ultimately feelunderstood beyond what is shared with the rest of the world. My privateemotions and thoughts are touched in this place of retrospection. Themore they create the more I hear.  Each time I settle on a song, I beginto hear the subtle homage to their inspirations and the references to  life experiences as they invite me to be onthe inside of their mind. To see the world the way they see it. To touch theirprivate emotion and to judge the quality of their work. This earnest search forcriticism isn't for the faint of heart. The unprotected vulnerability is likegoing into battle with no armor, building no walls, and refusing to cower toinsecurities. This raw openness draws me in. To listen to music in this way isto teach and expose the true artistry of music. Their passion is contagious, and I fell in love with the meaning behind their poetry asthey remind me what wonder felt like. There are currently six studio albums,and several fan club EP's that represent Hanson’s career and in truth I couldramble about how each one connected with me on a personal level. I won’t indulgethat part of me, but I will say that no matter how many years I am blessedwith, I will always be in my small corner of the world listening. They arealways growing as musicians and like anything that you tinker with, they keepgetting better. They have Introduced their fans to their creative process,their ideas, and built a community  around people who share in theirpassion for creating music that speaks from the heart. Hanson ismuch like a friend, in that they encourage me believe in my dreams. They havetaught me to ignore the negative voices, even if they are only in my head andtake some risks. Reminding me that in all the ways that the world tells me I aminadequate or under-appreciated, or just plain wrong, those voices are onlymirroring their own fears. I've learned to give up on this idea of perfectionin life, and experiment within perceived failure. To embrace the complexitiesand uniqueness of setbacks, and remember that I can have anything I want in lifeif only I am willing to work hard enough to achieve it. They have taught methat people will inevitably doubt you, but that doesn't give them the right todefine what you are capable of. They remind me that I am exactly who Godcreated me to be, and to never allow someone else to determine my worth for me.With a life message like that, it's no wonder why they inspire me. I intriguedby people who stands for hard work, perseverance, positivity and faith.


Thank you to Isaac, Taylor, and Zac for allthat you share with us no matter where were all are in the world. 



Jill Gray
Noble, ok, US

I remember my first hanson concert it was a bring a can good to get in and I brought corn yes I remember what kind I brought it was . The best and the first hanson show I have been to. And then that night I took down all my   Jonathan  Taylor Thomas posters. To put up hanson . I was i all and then I went and got the middle of nowhere cd  it was my go to for everything I didn’t have very many friends so when I need some music I went to hanson for everything in 2000 I meet my husband who also lives in Oklahoma I was all alright going to live in the same state as my favorite band life change and hanson music has still been part of my life all my kids enjoy the music  I have been too 4 hop jams and 3 hanson days and my first hop jams I didn’t know the guys really work it was like omg this is awesome. Thanks hanson for the music t

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