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here goes now the longer swetest story of my taylor hanson lifelong times to his loving  arms and special wings to he has made my heartbeat faster to each day now to till the end of time to always forever to and his voice is the rock to fans hearts and his soulfulnes to has kept this heartbeat of my own heartbeat standing alive to forever was is through to i thank god for his body of gods artwork to his soul is like the champange bottle of love to every day to now always i am stronge to with i was born to be to do and to live to go to tays my hero he ahs taught us all to belive in my soul to always alot to

 and he has made my fmaily and me to the best we can be ever to always i thank gods love for this manly man being the sanuray to gods heartbeat to each day now to always his love wears heaven standing unto an  golden key around my soul thank u you hanson ike zac tay to alot always  for beliving in my ocd and in your fans  souls to hearts and see you tay to soon hanson to always in may yes june to yeh.

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