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Even though this is the case, I am wondering if we'll finally get releases (of course the mood of a release has to be right which is why On And On sat unused for 5 years for example, and why  Break Town only saw light of day after 17 (I think nit was written in late 2001) of songs like Rosa (there was a very short making of clip in the Taking The Walk podcasts, I think around an episode in the mid teens.

I think it's maybe important to distinguish between vault songs and songs that are just known to have been written before (Battle Cry is a possible example - it was brand new to me; and noone really moaned about Can't Stop having been written in 1993 when it came out in 2000.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

Agree I’m hoping some old songs come from the vault in a new way  

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